St Patrick's Day Face Mask

This Green Clay Face Mask is the perfect treat for celebrating St Patrick's Day at home! The Feast Of Saint Patrick also known as St Patrick's Day falls on March 17th and is a cultural celebration of the Patron Saint of Ireland. The colour green is often used to symbolise the celebration and is the inspiration behind our St Patrick's Day themed Green Clay Face Mask.

This face mask is suitable for those with oily / normal skin. Orange Blossom Hydrolat is suitable for all skin types and is lovely combined with the fresh citrus aroma of the Green Mandarin essential oil. Hemp Seed oil has a natural green colour and is high in Linoleic Acid, that makes it helpful in rebalancing oily skin. It sinks in quickly and helps to soften the skin. Aloe Vera Gel is lightly astringent, so is a perfect addition to a product that is good for oily skin, and equally good for those with normal skin.


Stage 1 (room temperature)

45% Green Clay (Fine)

45% Orange Blossom Hydrolat

4% Hemp Seed Oil


Stage 2 (Room Temperature)

3.5% Aloe Vera Gel

1.5% Preservative K

1% Green Mandarin Essential Oil

100% Total



Weigh out the Green Clay into a glass bowl and add the Orange Blossom Water a little at a time. Stir together thoroughly making sure there are no lumps in the mixture.

Add the Hemp Seed Oil and stir in.

Next add the Stage 2 ingredients and stir in well.

Pot up and label.

Green Clay, Fine

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We have included a preservative but suggest you use up the preserved product within 3 months, as clay masks are generally difficult to preserve. If you want to make it for immediate use you could omit the preservative and add the 1.5% to the Aloe Vera Gel making that 5%. Keep any left overs in the 'fridge and make sure to use it all up within 3 days. Any unpreserved face mask that has not been used up after 3 days should be disposed of.