Organic Burdock Root


What does this mean?

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Inci: Arctium lappa

As Burdock Root is depurative (promotes cleansing) it can be used for the soothing of problem skin conditions


Burdock root oil extract, also called Bur oil, is popular in Europe and studies indicate that it is effective as a scalp treatment to improve hair strength, shine and body.

Organically grown. Burdock is any group of biennial thistles in the genus Arctium, family Asteraceae. Native to the Old World, several species have been widely introduced worldwide. Plants of the genus Arctium have dark green leaves that can grow up to 18” (45cm) long. They are generally large, coarse and ovate, with the lower ones being heart-shaped. They are woolly underneath.


Which products to use it in

In products for eczema and psoriasis prone skin - creams, lotions, gels, body washes and foam baths

In all acne-prone and rosacea products

Water or oil-soluble?
Water soluble.

Can I add it to ready-made products?
Not recommended as it needs to be boiled (decoction before use).

Storage and Shelf Life
2-3 years. Store in the dark and keep dry.

Related/Synergistic Products
Combine with chickweed herbs and chamomile flowers for a soothing effect

Use in psoriasis-type products combined with horsetail herb for its silica