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Arnica Tincture



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Inci:Aqua, Ethanol, Arnica Montana

A powerful tincture made from Arnica Montana flowers for use in compresses, creams or balms.


Arnica is well known for its beneficial properties for skin care and hair care and there are good reasons as to why this is the case.

As Arnica contains a number of Flavonoids and Phenolic Acids it is an effective antioxidant for the skin. Antioxidants work to neutralise free radicals and help protect the skin from the damage they can cause.

We are exposed to free radicals all the time, particularly from the sun but also from foods, alcohol, cigarette smoke, weather, pollution, stress, screen radiation etc. Free radicals can speed up the ageing process resulting unwanted wrinkles and unhealthy, dull looking skin and hair. Antioxidants are our defence against free radicals.

Arnica is also a highly effective skin conditioning agent and it is suitable for use on a wide range of skin types and skin conditions, including acne prone skin, eczema prone skin, rosacea, itchy skin, itchy scalp, tired puffy eyes, dry and flaky skin, dull skin.

When added to products Arnica Tincture can help condition the skin and brighten the complexion and can help soothe and moisturise dry and irritated skin.

It is an excellent ingredient in hair care products as it can help to rejuvenate the scalp and improve the condition of the hair whilst promoting a healthy shine.

Arnica montana or Leopard's Bane is a perennial herb, indigenous to Central Europe, in woods and mountain pastures, and also native to Siberia and North West North America. It has also been found in England and southern Scotland, but it is probably not indigenous to Britain.

Arnica is made mostly in tincture form and then mainly used in a compress, cream or ointment. We now also supply Organic Macerated Arnica Oil for use in creams, balms, lotions and massage blends.


Arnica Tincture must always be diluted in some way, as prolonged contact with the skin can cause severe redness and tissue damage and must not be used on broken skin or open wounds.
In compresses use at approximately 10%.
In creams and lotions use up to 15%.
Beware that the high content then can dry out the skin, so a good average is to use 3-7% tincture in leave-on products.
Arnica Tincture is mainly used in creams, lotions, sports creams, and sports ointments and gels. An Arnica cream or lotion is a favourite of athletes and others participating in active sports.
Very good to use in eye care products like gels. Use up to 3% Arnica Tincture in gels for this purpose.
Please note that adding tinctures to ready-made products such as gels, creams, lotions and shampoos will cause them to become thinner.


Remember not to apply Arnica products to an open wound or broken skin.

It should not be used by pregnant women or whilst breastfeeding and should never be taken internally. If any health conditions are present, you should seek the advice of a doctor first.


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