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Eyebright Tincture



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Inci:Aqua, Ethanol, Euphrasia officinalis

Add to eye gels and creams


A tincture produced from the dried herb Euphrasia officinalis.
Herb to liquid ratio: 1:2 Alcoholic strength (ethanol): 45%.
An excellent ingredient to use in any eye gels or creams.


Which products to use it in
Use 2-4% Tincture in Eye Gels or Eye Creams or you can dilute the Tincture (2%) in water.
Apply it directly onto the skin around the eyes.
Use 1-3% of the Tincture in your Eye Gel or Eye Cream Recipes.
Dilute 1-2% of the Tincture in water and apply it directly to the skin around the eyes.
Recommended Dosage/How to use in products
In toners and face spritzers for oily skin use up to 30% as a possible blend of tinctures.
Toners for other skin types use up to 20% as a possible blend of tinctures.
Related/Synergistic Products
Eyebright blends well with Arnica Tincture.
As an infused herb in eye creams and gels you can use infused Cornflowers.
In eye creams use a soft, smooth and supple oil that is also thin and dry and high in omega 3 for example, Kiwi Seed, Rosehip, Blueberry Seed and Chia Seed Oils.
Can I add it to ready-made products?
You can add it to all ready made products, like creams, lotions and shampoos but beware that all of them become thinner when you add an alcohol based product to a product based on emulsifiers, detergents and gels.
Water or oil-soluble?
Water soluble.


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