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** Unfortunately we are out of stock of our Herbs book, however just a reminder that we do sell it in eBook format and it can be foundhere. ** Featuring recipes for you to try at home, this Aromantic Guide to the use of Herbs in Skin, Hair and Health Care products contains the basic information and general methods you need to make Natural Skin, Hair, Oral, Eye and Body Care products for yourself, your family and friends. If you're a Complementary Therapist you may even want to tailor-make them for, and sell them to, your clients. There are recipes to make Natural Creams, Ointments, Macerated Herb Oils, Skin Toners, Nail Baths, Hair Rinses & Tonics, Mouth Washes, Foam Baths, Pet Care products and also methods (but not recipes) for how to use herbs in Shampoos, Gels, Body and Foot Baths, Facial Steams, Compresses and Poultices...and more! It is a great companion guide for our other Guides. A comprehensive and illustrated reference guide on 37 common, easily available herbs will help you to decide which herbs to use for different purposes. Enjoy taking your health and beauty into your own hands!

List of Contents
Herbal medicine traditions
Constituents of herbs
The skin, hair and nails
How to prepare your Herbs for use in Natural, Skin, Body and Hair Care products
How to use Infusions and Decoctions in your recipes
Tinctures (How to make)
Herbal CO2 Extracts (advice on how to add to your products)
Macerated Herb Oils (how to make)
Other ways to use Herbs for Health, Healing and Beauty: Herbal Teas - internal use; Herbal Baths - Whole Body, Foot and Hand (Method); Quantities of Herbs to use in Herbal Baths; Base Recipe and Method for Foam Baths; Adding Essential Oils to Foam Baths; Quantities of Herbs to use in your Foam Bath Recipes; Tips for Bath Treatments and skin problems.
Skin Toners (Base Toner Recipe and Method)
Compresses, Poultices and Plasters (Methods for making different types)
Gels (Tips for adding Tinctures to your products - no Gel Recipe is included in this book)
Creams (Herbal Cream Recipe and Method for making VE/MF Creams - please always see updated Preservative information on our website and Preservative Guidelines when following our recipes, especially in older books such as this one) as suppliers are are always updating this information)
Ointments (Base Ointment Recipe and Method)
Tip on how to use herbs in Shampoos, Conditioners, Toothpaste, Deodorants and Insect Repellents (Note: no recipes for these products are included in this Guide)
A Description of the Herbs and their applications: Aloe; Arnica; Birch; Chamomile; Chickweed; Cleavers; Comfrey; Coltsfoot; Cornflower; Dandelion; Echinacea; Elderflower; Eyebright; Gingko; Ginseng; Horse Chestnut; Horseradish; Horsetail; Hyssop; Lady's Mantle; Lavender; Lemon Balm; Marigold; Myrrh; Nettle; Orris Root; Peppermint; Plantain; Rose; Rosemary; Sage; St. John's Wort; Thyme; Tormentilla Root; Wild Pansy; Witch Hazel; Yarrow.

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