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Organic Horse Chestnut Tincture



What does this mean?

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Inci: Alcohol, Aesculus hippocastanum.

Used externally in compresses, baths and sun care products.


Horse Chestnut is an astringent. Parts of the plant used are the seeds


Which products to use it in
Horse Chestnut is used externally in Compresses, Baths and Sun Care products
Add to Creams, Lotions, Gels, Sprays and Compresses
Aesculin found in Horse Chestnut absorb harmful UV rays, which makes it an excellent addition to your Sun Care products

Water or oil-soluble?
Water soluble

Can I add it to ready-made products?
You can add it to all ready made products, like creams, lotions and shampoos but beware that all of them become thinner when you add an alcohol based product to a product based on emulsifiers, detergents and gels

Recommended Dosage/How to use in products
In leg sprays use up to 40% of the Tincture together with other water-soluble raw materials

Deodorant sprays you can use up to 80% as a blend of tinctures

In toners and face spritzers for oily skin use up to 30% as a possible blend of tinctures

Toners for other skin types use up to 20% as a possible blend of tinctures

Related/Synergistic Products
Use combined with Horse Chestnut Macerated Oil for getting increased benefits.
Combine with other Tinctures like St John’s Wort and Horsetail

Works well combined with Witch Hazel products like Witch Hazel Hydrolate, Witch Hazel herb and Witch Hazel Glycerin Extract


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