Jar, White Plastic (30 ml)

Jar, White Plastic (30 ml)



What does this mean?

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Stylish, solid 30ml frosted white double-walled plastic PP (Polypropylene) jar with white, single-walled plastic domed cap plus liner.
Note: If you've purchased these jars from us before, please note that our remaining stock has a frosted effect that is slightly different to the shiny white plastic jars you would have received previously.
When sold out this product will be discontinued.

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What is it?
Description Stylish, solid 30ml frosted white double-walled plastic PP (Polypropylene) jar with white, single-walled plastic domed cap plus liner. Perfect for Creams, Cleansers, Exfoliants, Gels, Gelees, Balms, Ointments, Face Masks, Muds and other Spa Products.Dimensions Diameter: 50mm; Height: 40mm (incl. cap); Volume: 30ml. Label dimensions: Height: 21mm x Width: 150mm.Recyclable? YesWhat other caps/closures fits this container? None
What is it used for?
Products that the container is ideal for Creams Cleansers Exfoliants Gels Gelees Balms and Ointments Face Masks Muds Spa products Luxury/upmarket product rangesProducts that are not appropriate for the container Very liquid products.
Other information
Tips on how to fill this container? When filling quite viscous/thick products that have required heating e.g. cream, you will experience that it is difficult to fill into a jar if the product has been cooled down to room temperature. If it is at room temperature you will most likely need to spoon it into a jar - the problem with that is that the products will not look smooth on the top. To avoid this, fill your jars when the product is cooling down (approx. between  40 - 30 degrees Celsius. If that is not possible you can reheat the product until it becomes pourable. If the product is pourable it  best filled with a spouted beaker or jug. NB Make sure that you don't overfill your jars. If you do, then, when pressing down the liner the product spill out from under the liner. If that happens you have to wipe it off immediately with a paper towel.Storage and Handling Aromantic's plastic bottles and jars are supplied to us in durable, airtight plastic packaging inside sturdy sterile carton boxes. Our staff then repack the containers if necessary, into the different quantities that we sell, packing them into sealed plastic bags. It shouldn't therefore be necessary to sterilise the plastic containers you buy from Aromantic. However, due to plastic's propensity to attracting dust, you may find some dust in the jars. Just blow it out with a hairdryer. Using preservatives correctly in your products along with usual hygiene standards will make sure that your products are packaged well, without prematurely growing fungus and bacteria.