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Base Emulsifier



What does this mean?

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Minimum Shelf life:

When used with 2% cetearyl alcohol is equivalent to Aromantic's Emulisfying Wax
Inci:Glycerol Monostearate SE


A vegetable-based Emulsifier that, when used with 2% Cetearyl alcohol, is equivalent to Emulsifying Wax Natural (Aromantic's blend). Great for making light Creams but doesn't function when used with Tiosol.
As it is a water-in-oil-emulsion (W/O emulsion) you must place the water stage ingredients into the fat stage ingredients.
From stearic and palmitic acid.
  • Base Emulsifier is an excellent emulsifier for making light creams wit a soft, light and non-sticky skin feeling.
  • It creates a cream emulsion that can hold a lot of active raw materials and vitamins alike without the cream becoming sticky, which makes it an excellent choice for making anti-wrinkle cream- and lotion-serums.


Which products to use it in
  • Creams and Lotions
  • Anti-Wrinkle and Skin Rejuvenation Creams and Lotions and Cream- and Lotion-serums
  • Peeling Creams and Lotions
  • Cleansing Creams and Lotions
  • Cream- or Lotion-based Exfoliants
Recommended dosages and how to use in products

Average percentage to use in a cream is 5% and a lotion is 2-3%, in both cases 2% Cetearyl Alcohol must be used along with the Base Emulsifier.

As it is a water-in-oil-emulsion (W/O emulsion) you must place the water stage ingredients into the fat stage ingredients.

Please make sure you mix the Emulsifying Wax thoroughly before using in your recipes.

Restrictions using Base Emulsifier
Do not use Base Emulsifier when adding more than 40% fats/oils to a cream or lotion otherwise it will easily separate over time.
As Base Emulsifier makes an alkaline cream, you can in the end, when the cream has cooled down and all the other ingredients have been added, add Lactic Acid.
If you add Lactic Acid earlier then the cream becomes much thinner so add it at the end. The pH without the added Lactic Acid is usually 7-8, this is okay for baby products but if you want to bring it down to adult's skin pH, which is an average of 5.5, then add 6-10 drops per 100ml of cream as described, at the end of the recipe.
Don’t use Zinc Oxide or Microfine Titanium Dioxide-products (including Tiosol) in a Base Emulsifier Cream or Lotion as it is incompatible with that raw material.
Water- or oil-soluble?
It needs always to be added and heated in Fat Stage as it is a water-in-oil-emulsifier (W/O emulsifier).