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Active Ingredients for Beauty and Skincare

Take your homemade beauty products to the next level with our selection of active ingredients, which are sure to add significant value to any hair or skincare range. Our natural, active ingredients consist of cosmetic raw materials designed to enrich and enhance your products, with each ingredient offering its own beneficial properties for you to take advantage of.

At Aromantic, we stock a wide range of active ingredients associated with the hydration, repair, rejuvenation, protection and nourishment of the cells. These ingredients can be incorporated into your cosmetic products to target specific skin concerns, including dryness, breakouts, dull skin and signs of ageing.

Explore our range of natural active ingredients now. Select your chosen ingredient to discover further details about its benefits and how you could use it within your cosmetic products.

What Are Active Ingredients?

The vast range of natural beauty ingredients out there can be overwhelming, but learning to utilise active ingredients will help you develop more valuable products. Active ingredients are highly effective raw materials, with each one having useful properties that benefit the skin or hair.

Below are just some of the active ingredients commonly used in beauty products for best results:

Each active ingredient offers its own specific benefits, allowing you to get creative and make perfectly-tailored beauty products. Hyaluronic acid will help you create a nourishing moisturiser, while vitamin C is excellent for creating skin-boosting serums designed to make your complexion glow. You may also decide to utilise other active ingredients in your products such as vitamin A, vitamin E, and peptides for a range of benefits.

With active ingredients, the possibilities are endless. These hair and skincare heroes will help you create custom cosmetics that achieve the exact results you want without the need for expensive branded products.

Natural, Raw and Eco-Friendly Ingredients

Our natural, raw ingredients come from a variety of eco-friendly sources. As with all our products, our active ingredients are ethically sourced and of the highest quality, enabling our customers to ensure a sustainable and transparent supply chain for their own products. As the demand for natural ingredients grows amongst the beauty industry and its consumers, our cosmetic raw materials are an astute choice for your business.

Wholesale Prices & Large Order Discounts

If you’d like to purchase a large order of active ingredients or other cosmetic raw materials, you can benefit from our wholesale discount. Visit our page on wholesale pricing for further information.

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