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Here at Aromantic, we stock two varieties of waters: Hydrolats and Hydrosols.

Hydrolats are also sometimes called hydrolates and are the by-product of steam distillation when producing essential oils. This is a true hydrolat and it may not smell exactly as you expected as a consequence, although generally, the fragrance is incredible.

Hydrosols are where the essential oil has been dispersed into the water. These often give a fragrance that is more expected as it is made from the named essential oil.

Both types have desirable attributes which is why we stock both, but we want you to be able to clearly understand which type you have ordered.

Please note; as Hydrosols and Hydrolats are very fragile, they don’t usually have a long shelf life. If you would like to find out the expiry date of any of our products including the Hydrolats and Hydrosols, please contact our customer service department.

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