Our Story

Our Story

In the beginning, there was Kolbjorn.


Originally from Norway, Kolbjorn Borseth is the internationally renowned skin care expert, consultant, teacher and guru behind Aromantic and the author of many books on skin care. Starting in a factory in Sweden in 1985, he has worked to create skin, hair and body care ever since.

He’s since then been rewarded with the prestigious CamExpo Life Time Achievement Award (2009). He has been described as an inspiration for the cosmetic and skincare industry and being a pioneer in educating people about organic wellness and health.

His mission is to share with others the knowledge that appears inaccessible from the cosmetic industry. He indeed makes it his priority to teach people how to make their own products and all the information about each ingredient put in them. In 2017, Kolbjorn's eldest son Benj took over as Managing Director of Aromantic and now runs the company.


Founded in 1997, and having since been recognized as one of UK’s leaders in providing organic beauty and natural skincare, Aromantic offers a wide range of ethical and high quality products and services.
We are a second-generation family-run business that is passionate in our belief that nothing is better for your skin than natural beauty products that have been tailor-made for you.
We aim to offer everything you need in order to make your own creams, lotions, balms, toiletries, spa products and specialised skin-care products - including the knowledge you need to get formulating!
Whether you’re a homecrafter; therapist; salon owner; starting/expanding a business; or simply want to be in control of what you and your family put on your skin and hair, we are your one-stop shop for over 700 ingredients, equipment, inspiration and information you need.
We will provide you with all the knowledge and training you will need to be confident in using our products and start your own business or simply to start making your own products.
We are passionate about our business and we want to empower you to create something truly special, whether it is for you or your family or business.
Catering to established professionals and businesses, amateur enthusiasts, and everyone in between, we aim to offer truly everything you need to make your own natural skin care products, including wide ranges of vegetable and carrier oils, essential oils, active ingredients, equipment and cosmetic containers.