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Carrier Oils

For many people, vegetable oils are simply something to have in the kitchen for cooking or perhaps used for massage as means of lubrication and as carrier oils for essential oils. In fact, most aromatherapists and massage therapists usually focus on the 2% of what goes onto the skin and into the bloodstream during a massage and don’t pay much attention to the remaining 98%. The 2% being, of course, the essential oils, on which more and more legal restrictions are being placed, and the 98%, the carrier oils or the vegetable oils.

Vegetable Oils are used as organic carrier oils and are added to Creams, Lotions and used for massage, as well as Skin, Eye and Hair Care. By learning each Oil's unique properties you can tailor-make blends for different skin types and conditions. They can also be used in hair care products very effectively. Just by adding different vegetable oils together you can make synergistic healing blends - add other fat-soluble raw materials and active ingredients such as Botanical CO2 Extracts, Remodelling Intense, Vitamin A and Vitamin E, Q10 plus E, etc and you can have a very powerful healing or skin rejuvenating blend - ready in minutes. Simply add Essential Oils and bottle - no heating required!

Make tailor-made massage oils, nail blends, acne treatment oils and serums, hair oils, body and face oils, face and around-the-eye serums, skin rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle blends, and pour into mini roll-on bottles. Click on 'Info' for each product for more information and recipes. Profit margins are high (as much as 80-90%) for these highly effective but simple and economical to make products. You can also make these with a minimum of equipment - you only need a measuring jug, cylinder or beaker! Your imagination is your only limit!

We are always increasing our range of specialist Vegetable Oils, especially fairly traded oils from small scale community and co-operative projects in developing countries.

See our range of Organic Carrier Oils, Non-organic Carrier Oils, and Carrier Oil Selections.

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