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Botanical CO2 Extracts

Extracted with CO2 gas (Carbon Dioxide), this is the purest and gentlest way of making botanical extracts without the use of either heat or solvents. These extracts are free of heavy metals, microbes, solvents and preservatives. They are very concentrated as these are full extractions, which include the essential oils as well as the fat-soluble and water-soluble substances from the plants. Botanical CO2 extracts are a very affordable way to add high potency therapeutic benefits to your products!

These botanical CO2 extracts are used in a concentration of 1-2% in creams, lotions, ointments and vegetable oils, etc. They are easily dissolved into the product at temperatures under 40°C or can be simply added to your vegetable oils without heating. Can be used in both water (not purely water-based products as it is oil-soluble and so will not mix) and oil-based products.

When adding 2 or more botanical CO2 extracts to a product, then don’t add a total of more than 3% as they are potent as well as having synergistic effects and can be used in small quantities. All of the CO2 Extracts leave a trace of colour in the product.

Some of them are suspended in jojoba oil for ease of use. Be aware that the consistency of the CO2 extracts varies and is affected by the temperature. In the wintertime, you may find that the extract has solidified. To get it out of the glass bottle, you may need to place the glass bottle very briefly in a bowl of hot water. This should not disturb the product.

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