FAQ at Aromantic

FAQ at Aromantic

Here you'll find a collection of our most frequently asked questions, along with some helpful answers. We hope that you can find the answer to your query here, if not please don't hesitate to contact us.

Noticed something not working as it should?

Please feel free to let us know what you think, and if you encounter any difficulties don't hesitate to contact customer services.

How do I book a training course?

We no longer offer in person training courses. We do have some learn at home courses you can find here.

How much will it cost to ship my order?

Postage and packaging costs depend on the weight of your order, what country it’s being sent to, and courier service that’s used.

For UK customers:

UK prices excluding VAT:Up to 1kg - £3.451kg and over - £7.90Postage and packaging is free for all UK mainland orders over £75.00 (excluding VAT).*If the value of your order is under £75.00 (excluding VAT) then P&P costs are calculated by the weight of the order.* Please note that even though courses and products can be bought and paid for in a single transaction, course fees do not count towards free postage; only products that are to be sent in the post or courier service count towards the free postage.

For international orders:

The quickest and easiest way to calculate your shipping costs is online by following the checkout process until you can see your total order value including your personalized shipping costs. Don’t worry, you will not be charged if you do not confirm your order! Make sure you enter your shipping address correctly including the country.For information about postage and packing costs, what countries we deliver to, and dangerous goods policies, please click here.

When’s my order arriving?

Please allow 5 working days for First Class Royal Mail and two working days for 24-hour courier (APC Overnight or Parcel Force) before contacting us.We dispatch in-stock items within 1-3 working days* (sooner whenever possible) to UK postcodes. Please note this may take longer in busy periods – make sure to look out for e-mails from us. Whilst we cannot be held responsible for any delays to your order once the goods have left our premises, we will help you to trace your parcel wherever possible.If your order contains larger quantities of a product that requires filling it may delay dispatch time.Depending on the size and value of your order, we will either send your parcel using Royal Mail's 1st Class service or our 24-hour courier services (APC Overnight or Parcel Force).You will receive an e-mail from us with your invoice the day we dispatch your order.Any telephone or web orders, whether placed on a weekend, or during a holiday period, will not be processed until the next working day.

I have previously bought an E book and need to download it again, what do I do?

Please contact us with your order number if possible so we can confirm your order. Once confirmed we can arrange a new download link for you.

Which is the strongest Preservative?

There is no one preservative that is stronger than the other. They are all effective when used at the correct percentage and have made the formulations in the correct way. The preservatives serve to limit potential contamination, so they are not like a "bleach" when you want a strong one.

The simplest to use is Preservative 12 because it is suitable for adults, children and babies and has a wide pH range to be effective. It has no smell.
The downside is that it is not water soluble so cannot be used in toners without being modified with Emulsifan. It also does not work in shampoo formulations or in clay products.

The next most popular one is Preservative Eco because it is water soluble and has also been approved by The Soil Association to be used in organic products. It works in shampoos but not clay products. It is inactivated if mixed with Emulsifan. The downside is that it has a narrow pH range which has to be checked when you use it, and it has some smell which can be masked when essential oils are used in a cream or lotion. It can be used on adults and can be used on children and babies in rinse off formulations like shampoos and washes. (It CANNOT be used in leave on products like creams on babies.)

The last preservative is Preservative K which does work with all materials but does need to be adjusted to work in a narrow pH range.

I can’t log in to my account

First make sure that you have entered your username and password correctly. Try resetting your password by clicking on “I’ve forgotten my password”. If you still cannot access your account, from 9am to 5pm on a regular working day, you can call our customer service team who will assist you. If you are trying to access your account outside of working hours, please create a new account and send an email to info@aromantic.co.uk to inform them of the issue, making sure to include your new account details in your message.

Where’s my e-book?

The link to download your e-book is at the bottom of your payment confirmation email. Simply click the link or copy and paste it into your address bar to receive your e-book.

I’ve got a query about a product I’m making

Our Skin Care Library has a small FAQ section covering some common questions beginners have when starting making your own cosmetics. Please look at our online recipes to get an idea of how to blend ingredients together to create your ideal finished product, and consider buying a book or e-book which contain information of hundreds of products including their individual properties and how to use them. Click here to take a look at Aromantic’s publications.

I want more information on a product

Our publications, e-books and recipes can give you ideas on the benefits and how to use a lot of our products. In our online store, each product will have a section explaining its properties and suggestions on how to use it. Often we’ll include the percentage to use in your products for optimal results. If you have a very technical question about a product and cannot find the answer you’re looking for online, please contact our customer services team. They will transfer your question to our product specialists who will get back to you as soon as possible.

I’ve just missed a promotion, can I still get a discount?

We have regular promotions and offers on various products throughout the year and they are available for a limited time only. Once the offer has ended we cannot sell the product at the previously discounted price. Please note that we also offer free UK shipping for orders over £50 excl. VAT, click here to find out more. To make sure that you never miss out on a deal, subscribe to our emails and keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

One of the products I want to order is being discontinued.

All of the products in our end of line sale are reduced to clear at 50% off. When we discontinue these products, they will no longer be available to purchase once we’ve run out of stock. We aim to offer an alternative product where possible.If you are requiring large quantities of a product that we are discontinuing, please contact our customer services as we may be able to offer a solution.We also often have products reduced at up to 50% off because they have a limited best-before date. These products will be re-ordered accordingly unless stated otherwise. Again, if you wish to purchase large quantities of a product with a short best-before date, please contact our customer services as we may be able to offer a solution.

Does Aromantic offer wholesale prices?

We aim to make our prices as competitive as possible for both home and professional users, whilst maintaining the highest possible standards in the industry.

I’m a European customer. What does Brexit mean for me?

We’ve comprised a special Brexit FAQ for our European customers to help understand the current situation and what it could mean when Britain eventually leaves the European Union.

I need to have 12 or 24 month shelf life on the product when I receive it.

This is a frequent request, and although we understand where you are coming from, it is simply not possibly to offer. Most ingredients when manufactuered will only have 12 months on them, then they have to be shipped to the distributor, often via sea, so then the time is slowly ticking down. When we purchase the ingredients, we have no recourse unless there is 3 months or less on them from the distributors etc that we deal with. This is because they assume their customers will be using it in making their own formulations so therefore 3 months is plenty if you need it just for a batch or two in terms of large production runs as long as its used with a preservative.

Our advice here is if you are using the ingredient alongside a preservative and the preservative is in date then as soon as the product is completed then the finished product will usualy have 12 to 18 month shelf life. So to combat short dates, first of all check to see if we list the minimum best before date on the product listing and make a decision from there as to how much you will use in the time frame avaialbe on the product and make your choice based on that.