Peel Off Olive Face Mask

Peel Off Olive Face Mask

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One sachet of our Peel Off Olive Face Mask is enough for 1-2 treatments.

Mix 30g (1 sachet) of powder with 90g of bottled water / hydrosols / hydrolats and water-soluble actives if wanted. You can include up to 5% oily additives such as vegetable oil or oil soluble actives, but this must be included in the overall volume of 90g liquid

If you want to make a smaller amount, use 1/2 sachet with 45g of liquid (following the same instructions above).

Do not exceed 5% oily additives as this will not combine fully with the Peel Off Olive Face Mask powder. Although the mask will set up, albeit more slowly, you will find a layer of un-combined oils on the skin which may prevent the mask from working most efficiently.

Water-soluble ingredients such as AHA, Lupide Peptides, Liftonin, Wu Zhu Extract and Hyaluronic Acid are the most appropriate actives to include in your masks, as well as Glycerol Extracts and Herbal Tinctures.

Peel Off Olive Face Mask

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Place the powder from the sachet into a bowl, add your chosen vegetable oils and oil soluble active ingredients, then add room temperature water (about 20°C) to the powder. Remember to use LESS water if you have added any oils so that you do not exceed the 90g or 45g of liquid or the mask may not set properly.

Mix vigorously to create a homogenous paste.

Apply to the skin immediately and leave it to perform its action for 15 minutes. It will rubberise on the skin within a few minutes and once rubberised/set you cannot mix it with water again so work quickly and only use as much as you need. The mask peels off easily once treatment is over. Any excess around the edges can easily be removed by rubbing gently with a damp face cloth.

Make sure that the temperate of the water, water-soluble active ingredients or hydrolates you use to make the paste is approximately 20°C so that the rubberising process will take place more slowly and you can quietly enjoy your treat. If the water is too warm it will speed up the rubberising process and you will have to work very quickly before the mask sets up in the bowl and is unusable.

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