7 Natural Foot Care Products You Can Make at Home

7 Natural Foot Care Products You Can Make at Home

7 Natural Foot Care Products You Can Make at Home

Foot care is an important aspect of a beauty routine which can often be over-looked. It may seem like a small thing but taking care of your feet will keep them looking their best and help to prevent unwanted skin and nail complaints. 

Keeping to a foot care routine helps to ensure you are looking after your feet on a regular basis. A visit to the beauty salon or Chiropodist is of course beneficial, but a routine at home means you can provide your feet with the on-going maintenance they need long term too. 

Good foot care at home does not have to be difficult or mean you must use high-end and expensive products. Creating your own homemade foot care creams, scrubs and gels ensures you can use natural cosmetic ingredients which benefit your skin, at a smaller cost then you might think. 

In this blog discover the products which are essential to use in your foot care routine and find out more about the skincare ingredients which will keep your feet happy. 


If you are curious to learn more about DIY cosmetics, then read about thebenefits of homemade natural skin care and hair care products here. 


Luxurious Natural Foot Creams Which Moisturise 

Your foot care routine will be unique to you, as you will want to use the products and ingredients which benefit your skin most. Feet are particularly prone to hard and callous skin, so including a moisturising foot cream which helps lock-in hydration is a great starting point. 

It is especially beneficial to use a moisturising cream at night before you go to sleep or during the evening. This ensures the cream has time to be absorbed into your skin, leaving your feet feeling soft and smooth. You may want to apply a small amount of cream to your feet in the morning too - after a shower is a suitable time to do this. 

  • Ultra Moisturising Foot Cream with Phytoglycogen – View RecipeHere 

This natural foot care cream recipe can be used every day and is a ‘hero’ for your skincare routine. It is a highly moisturising cream which works wonders on dry skin and cracked heels. Not only is it an excellent product to use on feet, but it also works incredibly well on rough knees and elbows as well. 

  • Papaya Foot Cream – View RecipeHere 

Create a softening cream that is highly effective at keeping the skin between the toes in excellent condition. Containing the natural skincare ingredientsPapaya Seed Oil andPlai Essential Oil means this simple recipe is also efficient at preventing common foot complaints, making it an excellent choice to use if you play sports. 

  • Conditioning and Healing Foot Cream – View RecipeHere 

This amazing cream is rich and deeply moisturising, it is effective at softening the hard skin on heels and problem areas between the toes. The recipe includes the powerful benefits ofOrganic Neem Oil, which is well known for its moisturising properties for feet and hands. However, it can have a strong aroma, so this cream is best used at night.

Use Organic Olive Oil in Homemade Foot Creams 

Organic Olive Oil is one of the first choices to use in natural skincare products for the feet and hands. It is an excellent oil which provides conditioning, lubricating, softening and nourishing benefits to the skin, and has protective qualities too. 

Containing high levels of Omega 9 and naturally occurringSqualane, Organic Olive Oil can help to improve the viscosity and texture of creams, leaving the skin feeling soft and moisturised. 

You can find Organic Olive Oil included in the recipes for Ultra Moisturising Foot Cream with Phytoglycogen and Papaya Foot Cream above.


Exfoliate your Feet with Natural Body Scrub Ingredients 

Exfoliants help to keep skin soft and smooth. They work by removing the surface layer of the skin to reveal new and soft skin underneath. Natural body scrub ingredients work well as foot scrubs by removing and reducing the hard, tough, and dry skin often found on the heels and soles.

Include Bamboo Exfoliant in homemade Foot Care Scrubs 

Foot care at home should be simple, but more importantly pleasurable to use and to get incredible results from.Bamboo Exfoliant is a highly effective natural body scrub ingredient. It is microdermabrasion grade and suitable for everyday use on the face and body. Try it in this recipe for an Oriental Exfoliating Body Scrub. 

  • Oriental Exfoliating Body Scrub – View RecipeHere 

Use this impressive foot scrub once a week to exfoliate and moisturise your feet. Rub the scrub firmly into the feet to see how well the Bamboo Exfoliant works. 

Vegetable Carrier Oils Make Excellent Natural Ingredients for Foot Care Products 

In addition to natural body scrub ingredients,carrier oils also known as vegetable oils, can be highly effective to use in foot care products. With such a wide range of carrier oils to choose from, there is an equally large variety of nutritional and skincare benefits they can provide. Making them a great choice to include in foot care products which are personalised to your own skin. 

  • Massage Oil for Legs and Feet – View RecipeHere 

Thistle Oil andOrganic Jojoba Oil form the basis of this recipe for a wonderful massage oil for legs and feet. Both oils are excellent at leaving the skin feeling soft and moisturised, perfect for helping to soothe calloused and dry feet. 

  • Nail and Cuticle Oil – View RecipeHere 

A rich blend of four fantastic carrier oils that includes zinc to help strengthen the toe nail bed and keep them from splitting or flaking. The essential oil blend in this recipe works gently to restore the natural translucency of discoloured nails. 


Gels can be a Powerful Addition to Foot Care Routines 

Creams and Scrubs are not the only option for soothing dry, cracked feet. Gels are effective skincare products which are easy and inexpensive to make at home. They sink into the skin quickly and pack a powerful punch. 

  • Foot Gel for Cracked Heels – View RecipeHere 

This gel for cracked heels feels soothing and elegant on the skin. Package it into travel sized containers for easy use out and about. It is particularly nice to apply to the feet after sports. 

  • Tingle Toes Foot Gel – View RecipeHere 

Refreshing for the toes, this foot gel recipe is perfect to use during the warmer months on hot feet. Use it throughout the year as part of your foot care routine for a lovely soothing feeling. 


If you’ve been inspired to try these recipes, don’t forget to shop our range ofjars and containers to store your homemade foot care products in. 

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