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Inci: Juniperus Virginiana Wood Oil

A deep, slightly sweet, smoky and woody aroma, rather like pencil shavings.


It is a colourless to pale yellow oil that is obtained by steam distillation of the waste timber and sawdust from sawmills processing the Red Cedar tree.
According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (CosIng), the functions of Cedarwood Essential Oil are:Perfuming.
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Skin Care
A superb choice for creams and gels, especially for greasy skin. Use in creams, lotions and serums.
It has an astringent effect on the skin and is suitable for acne prone skin or skin with large pores.
Works well in body wraps and spa products.
Hair Care
A great oil for greasy hair.
Add a couple of drops to an oil burner to act as an air purifier in the room.
It is an excellent fixative for essential oil blends and perfumes.
Good as an insect repellent when blended with Lavender and Citronella.
Excellent to use in cold process soaps as little is needed to get a long lasting fragrance and is equally excellent for holding a fragrance in your skin care products.
We always feel it is a good idea to buy large amounts of this. Every batch has to have a best before date legally, but it is one of the oils that improves with age.


Do not use during pregnancy.


Gives a good “masculine” fragrance in shampoos and hair products when combined with a little Vetivert.
Combine with Bog Myrtle, which is suitable for use on acne prone skin.
Adds a depth to floral oils like Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Rose.
Blend with Petitgrain for a very elegant perfume that also helps with acne-prone skin.
Combine with Hazelnut oil and Squalane along with Geranium for oily skin.


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