Organic Certification | Soil Association & COSMOS

We have had organic certification for our organic products since May 2009 and from March 2017 we successfully achieved organic certification with the Soil Association.
Who are the Soil Association?
The Soil Association is the UK’s largest organic certification body and have been in operation since 1946. Their certification number (GB-ORG-05), and recognisable symbol, on organic products, tells consumers that strict standards have been met in order to achieve Soil Association certification. This certification is recognised throughout Europe and beyond. The Soil Association are based in Bristol, and they also have an office in Edinburgh.
What Aromantic's organic status means to you
You can be confident that the organic raw materials you purchase from Aromantic are indeed organic. It is unfortunate that many raw materials used in the cosmetic and beauty industry are marketed as organic when in fact they are not. More and more consumers are demanding health and beauty products which are free from harmful chemicals and that have not been genetically modified and Aromantic fully supports this.
Aromantic is committed to purchasing organic raw materials wherever possible.Under EU rules you can call your products organic if the product contains organic ingredients. This does not mean that your products are "certified" as organic because to achieve organic certification your company has to go through the certification process. This process involves all areas of supply from delivery of raw materials through storage, production methods, packing, filling, administration and distribution. It is not just about the ingredients. If your company decides to go through the process of certification, then the main advantage of Aromantic being certified organic is that you can be absolutely sure that you are getting truly organic products, and you will have Aromantic's organic certificate and trading schedule to prove that the ingredients you are using are really organic.
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