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Inci: Isopropylideneglycerol

Aro Clean Multi is an environmentally friendly solvent that makes a perfect base for aromatherapy reed diffusers or room sprays


Aro Clean Multi Diffuser Base is an eco-friendly essential oil solvent that is perfect for making natural reed diffusers and room sprays. It is derived from glycerin and has excellent solubilising properties. It has a low evaporation rate, evaporates completely and has a low odour that does not conflict with your lovely essential oils blend. It is also non-flammable. The low evaporation rate allows your essential oil blends to last for longer without diminishing the fragrance.

Aro Clean Multi is an environmentally friendly solvent that makes a perfect base for aromatherapy reed diffusers or room sprays. It can also be used in car diffuser bottles and plug in room fragrances / air fresheners. It works extremely well with synthetic fragrance oils too, but your end product would not then be completely natural.



Do not fill your Aro Clean Multi essential oil blends on polished or painted surfaces as they may be damaged if the product spills.

Do not spray room sprays directly onto polished or painted surfaces as this may also cause damage to the surface.

Do not spray directly onto soft furnishings before doing a discreet patch test first.

Clean any spills up immediately with warm soapy water.



Details of Isopropylideneglycerol (Aro Clean Multi) are listed on the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (Cosing). To view more information, visit the Cosing Database here.

Although Aro Clean Multi works extremely well at solubilising synthetic fragrance oils these do not have the same aromatherapy properties as essential oils and often have a stronger aroma so you may need to use less than an essential oil blend.


We have used Ethanol in our room sprays as this blends fully with the Aro Clean Multi allowing the product to spray with a fine mist. If you choose to use water in place of Ethanol in your room sprays you will need to add a suitable preservative and shake the bottle before each use to mix the contents together.

In order to buy Ethanol from Aromantic you need to have applied to HMRC for a license as this is a restricted item. Once you have received your license you will need to provide Aromantic with the details before you are able to purchase Ethanol.


If you are intending on selling your room fragrancing products do check the IFRA declaration for your chosen essential oils or fragrance oils and remember to look on the SDS for each ingredient for the relevant CLP information. Even if you are not going to sell your diffuser or room spray blend we suggest you check the IFRA declaration for the recommended maximum usage rate. It may state that an essential or fragrance oil can be used at 100% but that may be so strong that it would be overpowering, stick to the maximum recommended amount of 25% for reed diffusers or 10% for room sprays, which will be plenty. If the IFRA usage rate is below 10% it may be so low that you would not get a good scent throw when used in a reed diffuser but this may work perfectly well in a room spray.


Reed diffusers and room sprays are a perfect alternative to candles or scented wax melts when you don’t want to, or are not permitted, to have a naked flame.

As with ingredients used for cosmetic purposes we always weigh our ingredients for room fragrancers on a suitable set of scales. This makes it a more accurate process.

Blend your chosen essential oils or fragrance oil with the Aro Clean Multi, stir together then leave in a sealed container for at least 24 hours while the blend fully solubilises. It is then ready for use. It may take 2-3 days to solubilise fully if you have included heavier essential oils such as Vetiver or Patchouli in your blend. Allowing your blend to rest for 2-3 days will also improve the scent throw.

Carefully pour your mixed reed diffuser blend into a suitable glass bottle (you can use a small funnel to make this step easier) and add your reeds. You don’t need to buy any specific reed diffuser bottles but if you are repurposing another glass bottle use one which has a narrow neck and wide enough base so that it is stable when the reeds are in place. Avoid using tall, slender bottles as these may easily tip over.

Allow the reeds to absorb the oil, this can take several hours. After 24-48 hours you can turn the reeds upside down to speed up the process but be careful not to drip the blend on your furniture as it may leave marks on polished or painted surfaces. We find 6-10 reeds is enough, depending on the size of the neck of your bottle and the thickness of the reeds. If your reeds are too tall for your chosen bottle you can simply cut them down to a more suitable length with a pair of sharp scissors.

When you find that you are no longer aware of the scent of your reed diffuser carefully turn the reeds upside down again to allow the fresh blend to be released into the air. Top up the blend in the bottle when required.

Remember to place your reed diffuser bottle out of reach of children and pets.

When choosing the perfect spot to place your reed diffuser remember that if it is a warmer area the scent throw will be greater than in a cooler area but the blend will also evaporate more quickly.


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