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Emulsifan CB



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Inci:Beheneth 10

A simple emulsifier that makes thick creams able to hold a lot of heavy oils. Readily biodegradable.


Solid, white and waxy with barely any odour.
It is a non ionic emulsifier that makes medium to very thick, stable Oil in Water (O/W) creams.
It is readily biodegradable.
HLB 10.1
The individual materials that make up Emulsifan CB are listed on the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (CosIng) here.


Skin Care
Very good for making massage creams as it can hold a good amount of thicker oils like Castor Oil.
It will hold up to 12-15% of solid fats as part of up to 40% total fat content.
It is able to hold alcohol tinctures without separating as easily as other emulsifiers.
Hair Care
No specific hair care use.
Use 3-6%.
Add to Stage 1 (fat stage) in a double boiler and heat to above 75°C.
Separately, Stage 2 (water stage) is heated in a double boiler heat to above 75°C.
Add water stage to fat stage and keep stirring whilst keeping heat above 75°C.
Stir continuously for 5 minutes then remove from heat and cool down in a pan of cold water whilst stirring continuously.
Cool to below 40°C before adding Stage 3 (cool down stage) ingredients. It is fat soluble so cannot be used with water only products.
The consistency can be altered by using more solid fats like cocoa butter or beeswax or cetearyl alcohol. The texture will be improved if using a stick blender during the emulsification stage.
It is better when a stabiliser, such as beeswax, is added at 1.5% but this would also mean that the finished product would not be suited to use as a facial product as it could feel too waxy.
Creams and lotions made with Emulsifan CB are quite stable when a lot of oils or actives are used.
The emulsifier itself gives good lubrication to a product which is useful in massage.
This would be well suited for massage creams and cleansing lotions.
The alcohol in tinctures can often destabilise creams but Emulsifan CB copes well with up to 20% tinctures added.
Do not store at temperatures above 30°C.


It is best used when you want creams or lotions that are very slowly absorbed into the skin.

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