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Foaming Bath and Shower Kit



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Learn to make three fun and fabulous foaming shower/bath products with our Foaming Bath and Shower Kit. It is simple enough to make with children and makes a great gift too.


This kit contains the ingredients and instructions to make three lovely foaming bath / shower products - a Foaming Oil, Foaming Bath Melts and an Emulsified Salt Scrub. These fun products are suitable to create with your children too.

Foaming bath / shower products made with this kit:

  • 100 ml Foaming Shower/Bath Oil
  • 100gm Foaming Bath Melts
  • 100gm Emulsified Salt Scrub.

Kits make great gifts:

All of our Kits and Packs come in branded presentation boxes making them the perfect gift for a cosmetic enthusiast or just a nice treat for yourself.


Foaming Bath and Shower Kit contains:

*Products listed above may be substituted for a like for like product at our discretion

Equipment you will need:

  • Beaker or heat proof jug to mix the ingredients in.
  • Silicone ice cube tray.
  • Double boiler / Bain Marie.
  • Stainless steel teaspoons or silicon spatula.
  • Digital weighing scales.
  • A jar to store your Foaming Bath Melts in.

Customise your kit:

Although we have included everything you'll need to make the three fab recipes in this kit, you can customise them should you wish to. You can swap out the Essential Oil included for one of your own choosing. Why not experiment with different non-water based colours, pearlescent micas or dried botanical petals. All additional items can be purchased separately. Check our recipes section for inspiration.

There will be some Lumorol K 5229 left over so why not add a different Carrier Oil or Essential Oil to make another bottle of Foaming Shower Oil. Alternatively make a salt scrub by adding Himalayan Salt, Red Mandarin Essential Oil and a little of the Rice Bran Oil.

*Please note there will not be exactly the same amount of Lumorol K 5229 as was used in the Foaming Shower/ Bath Oil recipe but you can make the total add up to 100% by adding more of your chosen carrier oil). This may not foam as much as the first Foaming Shower / Bath Oil because of the extra carrier oil.

* How to improvise a double boiler:

Place a heavy, heat-proof bowl or jug - Pyrex is ideal - into a saucepan with boiling water.