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What could be more relaxing than a long soak in the bath? Bath bombs make bath time even better - watch them fizz away adding pops of colour, soothing aromas and luxurious additions such as rose petals that float on the surface for a bath fit for a Queen (or King!) Bath bombs are fun and easy to make, they can even be made with children! 

Making cold processed soap is labour-intensive and the use of caustic soda makes it more a safety problem, so we don't teach the cold process method. 

Making your own glycerine soap is easy, fun and safe and you can use the soap straight after making it. Using our Solid Glycerine Soap as a base, simply melt the soap base in a bain-marie and then add your own vegetable oils, colours, essential oils, dried herbs and flowers, or peeling agents before pouring the mixture into a soap mould. Leave it to cool, remove from the mould and you have just created a truly unique product. (To make soap foamier, add 1-4% Beta T). 

Handmade soaps and bath bombs make great gifts - why not try making your own and save money whilst giving personalised handmade presents your family and friends are guaranteed to love!

Find all the ingredients you need for bath bombs and soap making below.