Organic Argan Oil


What does this mean?

INCI:Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

A regenerating oil for all skin types. This fast-absorbing oil leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and nourished. Also excellent for use in hair products.


Argan oil is a clear, yellow liquid with a strong, earthy aroma. It’s obtained by pressing the oil-bearing kernels of the argan fruit. Use directly on the skin or in creams, lotions and conditioners.

Argan oil has a pungent odour that requires careful masking with essential oils. When used in skin and hair care products, it offers an incredible range of benefits, boasting protective, moisturising, antioxidant and anti-ageing properties.

Our organic argan oil will keep skin supple, provide moisture and protect against free radicals. Combine it with camellia seed oil for use around the eye area, or use with rosehip seed oiland helichrysum essential oil to create a nourishing facial serum.

To enhance the qualities of argan oil, add evening primrose oil. This will boost gamma-linoleic acid (Omega 6) levels, promoting cell turnover and a smooth complexion.

Typical Fatty Acid Profile of Organic Argan Oil:

Palmitic Acid


Stearic Acid


Oleic Acid

(Omega 9)


Linoleic Acid

(Omega 6)


10% to 15%

3% to 8%

38% to 65%

19% to 40%


Our organic argan oil has a SAP value of 190-200.

Cosmetic Functions:

Natural argan oil has a high level of antioxidants and penetrates quickly into the skin. According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (CosIng), the functions of argan oil are:

  • Emollient.
  • Skin conditioning.


  • Use 1% to 100%.
  • Argan oil is oil-soluble, so it can’t be used in water-only products. However, small amounts can be used in water-based gels that will hold it in suspension.
  • This oil is heat stable and can be used in stage 1 (fat stage) when making creams and lotions.

Organic Argan Oil for Skin Care

  • Argan oil sinks into the skin incredibly fast, leaving a super-soft feel and no greasiness.
  • Suitable for all skin types, from dry and sensitive to oily and acne-prone skin. This natural ingredient nourishes and hydrates while reducing oiliness.
  • High levels of Omega 6 and naturally high levels of tocopherols help argan oil nourish the skin, protecting against the effect of free radical activity and oxidation.
  • Organic argan oil is effective on the under-eye area, face, neck and décolleté. Try using it in anti-ageing products for a radiant look.
  • Use in rich creams, moisturisers, facial oils, lotions, body oils and more.

Organic Argan Oil for Hair Care

  • Organic argan oil strengthens and softens the hair, leaving no sticky residue.
  • This oil promotes moisture retention, reducing breakage and helping the hair maintain flexibility. Use it in conditioners to revive dull and lifeless or over-processed hair.
  • Works well to condition a dry, flaky scalp.
  • You can also use argan oil within hair oil blends or packs. Try combing through wet hair, leaving overnight and shampooing the next morning for soft, nourished hair.
  • Argan oil makes an excellent beard oil, conditioning and softening bristly hairs.


Wondering how to use organic argan oil in your own skin and hair care products? Try these simple recipes at home:

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    26 May 2021
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    I recommend this product

    Organic Argan Oil

    Excellent, used to make a rich eye cream which I also use as an intensive night moisturiser for the face, works really well for my mature skin.

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