Luscious Mandarin Lip Balm Gift Pack

Luscious Mandarin Lip Balm Gift Pack



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Create 9 Lip Balms to treat yourself or your friends!

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This gift pack includes: 50ml Organic Sweet Almond Oil - Cold Pressed - (Prunus amygdalus dulcis), 28g Beeswax - in sheets - (Cera flava), 20g Organic Shea Butter - Deodorised and Filtered - (Butyrospermum parkii), 5ml Mandarin Red (Citrus reticulata peel oil), Wooden Spatula, 9 x 15ml Aluminium Tins, 18 Sticker Labels for Aluminium Tins and Colour Instruction Leaflet.
As lips can be sensitive to the effects of the sun, wind, dry air, bacteria and salty foods they often require a little extra protection.
They can be cared for through the use of natural fats, waxes and vegetable oils. While fats and waxes protect the lips, vegetable oils soften them.
The finished Luscious Mandarin Lip Balms will contain all three components (a wax, a fat and a vegetable oil) giving truly irresistible lips!
Benefits of Beeswax (Wax)
Improves skin hydration by reducing moisture loss
Has moisturising properties that can help dry, chapped and cracked lips
Helps keep the product on the lips and ensures they stay moist and pliable
Benefits of Shea Butter (Fat)
Acts as an intensive moisturiser
Has natural sun protection qualities
Has the ability to soothe rough and chapped lips
Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil (Vegetable Oil)
Moisturises and nourishes
Suitable for all skin types
Has the ability to soothe dry skin
Also included in this gift pack:
Our Mandarin Red Essential Oil, its light citrusy flavour is gentle and works well with Shea Butter


Let someone enjoy making their own natural and preservative free lip balms!
This gift pack contains the exact pre measured ingredients and equipment (that one might not already have at home) to make 9 Mandarin flavoured lip balms.
A step by step instruction leaflet with pictures is included so even a complete beginner can have a go.
You can purchase this pack for yourself and give the finished lip balms to family and friends as special handmade gifts.