Father's Day Picks: The Best Skincare Products for Men

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As Father’s Day approaches, lots of us are racking our brains for what dads actually want to receive. Surprises are our favourite kind of gifts, which is just as well because dads rarely ask for anything! 

Here at Aromantic, we love the gift of self-care, and dads deserve pampering as much as anyone else. So we’ve put together a couple of suggestions for the best skincare products for men, combining some luxury treatments with fun activities. 

Homemade Presents Make the Best Father’s Day Gifts!

We believe the best skincare products for men are the homemade kind! Much as your dad probably cherished the dried pasta artwork you made as a child, he’ll definitely get more use out of some homemade skincare product.

You can add a personal touch to some of our make-your-own kits with the addition of an essential oil for scent! Scent is a personal choice, so for example, with the beard oil kit, we leave that as an optional extra. This means that your dad (or, let’s face it, you!) can choose the fragrance that the end result will be. 

While scent preferences for men are a very personal choice, some of the best skincare products for men feature essential oils such as Sandalwood and Patchouli. Black Pepper is also a popular choice for men's products due to its woody, spicy scent.

A Beard and Moustache Oil for Beardy Dads

One way to make sure you are gifting your dad the best skincare product is to tailor it to his specific needs. So if he’s beardy, a beard and moustache oil is a nice way to get him something personal that he’ll definitely use. Our beard oil kit gives you everything you need to make a conditioning treatment that will nourish not just facial hair but also the skin underneath. 

It includes all the ingredients to make the beard oil, plus full instructions. The kit also contains a couple of amber plastic bottles and pump caps to store the end product! If you’re feeling creative, you could also decorate the labels for that extra special detail on Father’s Day. 

Make an Activity out of It for Hands-on Dads

Dads love to make things, so give him a two-in-one gift with an activity and a gorgeous end product. Maybe the best skincare products for men are the ones that are not only homemade but a team effort too! 

The following oil cleansing recipe is very straightforward and doesn’t require any heat source, so it is ideal for making with the kids. We all know that what dads want more than anything on Father’s Day is some quality time, so instead of pre-making some products for your dad, perhaps get him involved in the process.

Oil Cleanser for Men

This oil cleanser for men is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Its high oat oil content gives this cleanser a nourishing, protective property. 


45% Oat Oil

24% Camellia Seed Oil

10% EcoSilk MB

10% Castor Oil

10% Meadowfoam Seed Oil

1% Vitamin E

100% Total



Combine all the ingredients at room temperature and stir thoroughly. Once properly mixed, bottle and label your oil cleanser.

When making homemade gifts, it’s worth remembering that men’s skin does behave differently to women’s. To ensure you’re giving your dad the best skincare products for men, you want to accommodate thicker skin that tends to be oilier. We’ve put together a handy blog on what to consider when making skincare products for men for a more thorough breakdown of the fundamental differences. 

Find more inspiration for homemade skincare products with our range of online recipes.

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