Homemade Skincare That’s Perfect for a Galentine's Pamper Day

Homemade Skincare That’s Perfect for a Galentine's Pamper Day

Homemade Skincare That's Perfect For a Galentine's Pamper Day

Spend Galentine's Day celebrating your friendships with a relaxing At-Home Pamper Day

Galentine's Day is an unofficial holiday made famous by the TV Show Parks & Recreation. In the show character Leslie Knope traditionally spends February 13th with her female friends. The holiday has grown in popularity in recent years and is now widely celebrated alongside Valentine's Day. 

Hosting your own At-Home Spa Day to enjoy with your closest friends is a great way to celebrate Galentine's Day. Whether in person or virtually, Pamper Days are a fun way to get together and indulge in your favourite natural skincare and cosmetics.


Making your own cosmetic beauty products is a fun and cost-effective way to take excellent care of your skin. Readthetop 5 reasons to giveit a try to find out more. 


Use natural and ethically sourced skincare to create an authentic spa experience

No Galentine's Pamper Day would be complete without lovely skincare products to use. Creating your own cosmetics means you can choose ingredients that are natural and ethically sourced, as well as ensuring they are tailored to your skin. You can try professional quality treatments at home, such as ourEnzymatic Peeling Face Mask orRice Mask letting you indulge in an authentic spa experience. 

These DIY skincare recipes are fun and easy to make with friends or great to give as gifts. They use our high quality, natural cosmetic ingredients, to make luxurious products that are a joy to use and a real treat for your skin. 

  • Amazing Amazonian Hair and Nail Oil – Read RecipeHere

Create a wonderfully versatile oil that can be used as an intensive hot oil treatment for hair, scrunched through the ends of your hair as a conditioner, or dropped onto fingernails and left to soak in. Made withOrganic Sacha Inchi Seed Oil, it is rich in the naturally occurring Antioxidant Vitamin E, which can help prevent free radical damage. 

  • Hair & Body Butter – Read RecipeHere 

Enjoy this nourishing, rich butter which is superb for both the hair and body. It contains excellent skin moisturisers such asOrganic Camellia Seed Oil andMango Butter, as well asArgan Oil which ensures hair is left strengthened and softened. This skincare recipe can be personalised with your own choice ofEssential Oil. 

  • Warm & Snuggly Room Spray Blend – Read RecipeHere 

The perfect Galentine’s Pamper Day calls for a calming and uplifting ambience. This easy-to-make room spray is a comforting blend ofRed Mandarin Essential Oil andGinger Essential Oil. Although not suitable to use on the skin, it fills any room with a luxurious fragrance, bringing the feel of a relaxing Spa to your home! 


Homemade skincare you can create and enjoy together

Creating your own homemade skincare can be a fun activity to do together with friends, making your Galentine's Pamper Day truly memorable. You don’t need to have any experience as there are lots of brilliant DIY skincarerecipes for beginners to try - these will be simple enough to make together if you’re hosting an At-Home Spa Day virtually too. Once you’ve had fun crafting your cosmetics, you can relax and enjoy using them. 

You might prefer to have the skincare products you wish to use prepared ahead of time. Gift them to your friends to indulge in during your Galentine’s Pamper Day or to take away and enjoy another time.


Thoughtful homemade skincare and cosmetic gifts that show you care

Hosting a Galentine's Pamper Day isn’t the only way to show your friends how much they mean to you. A thoughtful gift can be just as sentimental and will make them feel loved and appreciated. 

Homemade cosmetics make great gifts for almost anyone. Not only will you have fun creating them, but you can personalise them for your loved ones too. Keep in mind their favouriteEssential Oils orcolours when creating your pampering products. Add a touch of luxury by including aPearlescent Mica or some driedbotanical petals. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and see what wonderful DIY skincare creations you can make. 

  • Bath Bombs – Read Recipe  Here 

This easy recipe uses only 5 ingredients. Add your own Essential Oils and colour to create simple, personalised and luxurious bath bombs. They’re perfect to give as gifts to help your Galentines relax, unwind and enjoy a spa experience in their bathroom. 


Aromantic’s Cosmetic Kits & Packs Make Unique Gifts

Ourcosmetic kits are the easiest way to start making your own natural skincare and beauty products at home. They contain all the natural ingredients and full instructions needed to make a wide range of wonderful skincare products. 

Kits arrive ready to gift in lovely presentation boxes, so they’re the perfect choice for that special someone, whether they’re already a skincare enthusiast or not. 

TheGlycerine Soap Kit,At-Home Pamper Kit andTop-to-Toe Trio Creams Kits are some of our most popular options.   


See our full range ofnatural skincare recipes online, and discover more homemade cosmetics that are perfect for a Galentine’s Pamper Day.

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