How to Make Your Own Hair Products

How to Make Your Own Hair Products

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Often when you start to make your own hair products, it comes from a personal experience or need. Perhaps you have struggled with an irritated scalp or experienced greasy roots or dry ends, and this can end up being the incentive for a future business venture. Personal experience can be a great motivator to start experimenting with your own homemade products. 

The possibilities are endless once you start to make your own hair products, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming! We’ve put together a breakdown of some of the basics to get you started on your homemade hair care journey. 

Homemade Shampoo Suggestions

Shampoo is a great place to start, as it’s something you’re probably already using in your own hair care routine. We offer a number of base shampoos, which are premade shampoo blends, which you can then customise with your choice of essential oils according to your preference. Our base shampoos include options for dry hair and oily hair and are ideal for beginners. 

If you prefer to make your own hair products from scratch, we also have a number of recipes that use the raw ingredients, like our gentle shampoo, dry hair shampoo, oily scalp shampoo and our classic, everyday shampoo.

Soap bars are increasingly popular as a more eco-friendly alternative to shampoo. The bars don’t require plastic bottles, so they help cut down on packaging waste. They also last much longer than bottles of shampoo! 

The ingredients to make a shampoo bar differ from liquid shampoo, to give you the consistency you need for your bar to hold its shape. For the full ingredient list and method for our shampoo bar recipe, check out How to Make a Shampoo Bar. You may also want to try our Cupuaçu Butter Solid Shampoo Bar.

Make Your Own Conditioner

There are plenty of hair conditioning options to choose from when you make your own hair products. The repair and care conditioner is a varied blend suitable for all hair types that can be used as part of a normal hair wash regimen. 

You can also opt for a water-based conditioner, which can be applied like a spritz, like our spray on hair conditioner. This is more lightweight than a rich and intense conditioner, like hair masks.

Hair Treatments and Masks

Some hair treatments are more intense or targeted and should be given time to develop before rinsing. These help to target specific complaints, like our itchy scalp conditioner, which helps to soothe the scalp and may help address the cause of itchiness.

Hair masks are another great product to experiment with that allow you to get very specific with the properties and benefits of your hair care. Consider making an overnight hair mask, perfect for a prolonged treatment. We have lots of hair oil recipes that you can easily follow, including smoothing hair oil for coily hair and our glossy hair oil. The Happy Hair carrier oil selection is ideal as a starter set, offering four different carrier oils you can use in your hair treatments. 

Make Your Own Hair Products to Sell

Even if you started out experimenting just for personal use, once you get the hang of making your own hair products, you may want to start selling your product. While all Aromantic products come with a comprehensive guide on how to use each item, some additional steps are necessary to make your hair care suitable for sale. 

As with starting any business in the UK, there are procedures you need to follow in order to be able to sell your products. A cosmetics business is subject to more regulations than some other startup businesses, to ensure providers are selling products legally and safely. There is technical guidance available to help you understand the most recent regulations in the cosmetics industry, as well as guidance on your legal obligations as you produce and distribute your hair products.

Consider our thorough guide on How to Start Your Own Beauty Business to help you make your own hair products to sell, as well as any other cosmetics you’re interested in trying.

If you’re keen to start experimenting with making your own hair products, check out our recipes page for more inspiration. 

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