How to Use Lavender Oil for Relaxation

How to Use Lavender Oil for Relaxation

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If you’ve been looking for a natural way to ease anxiety and to find new ways to relax, you’ve come to the right place. You may have heard that Lavender Oil is good for relaxation and can calm your nerves. Here we discuss the effects of Lavender Oil for relaxation and the many ways you can use this beautiful smelling plant.

What Is Lavender?

Lavender is a perennial plant and herb that is native to the Mediterranean, but grows wild all over the world. Savvy gardeners cultivate it because of its beautiful smell and ability to repel insects and mosquitos. Plants like Lavender were used medicinally by Egyptians, Romans and the Native Americans throughout history because of their therapeutic properties. Lavender continues to be an extraordinary herb used for its antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties — along with its ability to soothe you to sleep and calm anxiety. Subsequently, Lavender is one of the most well-studied plants in the world. If you were to add just one essential oil to your life, Lavender would be an excellent choice.

Why Is Lavender Good for Relaxation?

Because anxiety disorders are so prevalent in modern times, studies have been conducted to see if Lavender could induce anxiolytic a fancy way of saying “anxiety inhibiting” effects. A host of studies –– including a 2019 study with over 10,000 participants –– have shown that inhaling Lavender essential oil can have a calming effect, helping you to relax in stressful situations. This makes it an ideal and natural way for people of all ages to calm nervous energy and help find some peaceful vibes. For this reason, qualified aromatherapists may advertise their services as anxiety-reducing.

What Makes a Quality Lavender Essential Oil?

When it comes to choosing a high-quality essential oil, there are a few things you need to watch out for to make sure you are purchasing something pure and natural. You get what you pay for when it comes to essential oils because many products do not contain a high concentration of the botanical and are mostly carrier oils. That doesn’t mean that all expensive products are high quality either, which is why you want to buy from a reputable source or brand.
We have different types of essential oils with varying concentration levels, so you can find the right one for the job. Our Lavender essential oil, for example, is available in five varieties, so you can choose which one is best for your needs. We clearly mark each product with CosIng database functions to help you understand how the product can be used and if it is safe. CosIng is a database for ingredients used in cosmetics.

How Can I Use Lavender Oil for Relaxation?

If you want to try Lavender oil for relaxation and to help you feel calm and rested, there are many easy ways to incorporate this soothing oil into your daily routine. Many people are looking for a natural and affordable way to relieve stress and anxiety, so we recommend trying some of our favourite ways to use Lavender essential oil below.

In a Diffuser

The simplest way to relax with  Lavender essential oil is to use a diffuser. You can do this in one of two ways: with heat or steam. Heat diffusers are simple and do not require electricity. A heat diffuser allows you to disperse the scent into the air by placing a tea light candle underneath a holder where the essential oil is placed. A modern steam diffuser is a gadget that is plugged in or charged and filled with water and essential oils. Different types of diffusers work in various ways, but basically, steam is released with tiny particles of the essential oil into the air. There’s debate on what kind of diffuser is best ultrasonic, nebulising or evaporative so we’ll let you decide. A diffuser is a great way to freshen up your house while enjoying the benefits of Lavender oil.

Make an Eye or Neck Pillow

You may have attended a yoga class where they put an eye pillow filled with Lavender over your eyes during Savasana. Lavender is commonly used in aromatherapy treatments like eye and neck pillows that you can warm up in the microwave or chill in the fridge depending on the type of application needed. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you can easily make your own Lavender eye pillow. All you need is some soft fabric, Flax Seeds, dried Lavender and Lavender essential oil. Whenever you are feeling stressed, lay down and cover your eyes with the Lavender-filled pillow to feel your troubles melt away.

In Skin and Bodycare Products

Lavender is a common ingredient in many lotions, soaps and skincare products, which you can buy ready-made. But, if you are itching to make your own skin and body care products, we have everything you need. There are many reasons to make natural skincare products maybe you have sensitive skin, want vegan products that are hard to find, or have become extra crafty during the quarantine. Whatever your reason, you’ll find many easy recipes on our website. We especially love this  Freshening Body Wash that is 100% natural and easy to customise. Or maybe you’ve joined the oil cleanser tribe make this  Perilla Seed Oil Cleanser with a touch of Lavender essential oil. If you are interested in making natural or organic products for everyday use, check out our natural skincare courses.

Make a Massage Oil or Body Butter

If you have sore, tired muscles or dry skin you can make your own massage oil or  Body Butter with relaxing Lavender. Our recipe for  Watermelon Baby Oil combines several nourishing carrier oils Apricot, Avocado, and Watermelonwhich are all available on our website. Don't be put off by the name as its great for adults as well as babies! You don’t want to use any old oil for massaging into your skin, so make sure to choose the right ones when making body oil. You can customise the  Massage Oil based on your skin type, as each oil has unique properties. Avocado oil is very nourishing with many vitamins,includingvitamin D, which is especially useful for anti-ageing. Body Butter is a great alternative to help moisturise those really dry areas like the elbows, knees and hands. These can all be customised from the selection on our website.
Want to reap the benefits of Lavender Oil? Buy all the ingredients you need to make Lavender Oil products for relaxation from one of the UK’s leading providers of organic beauty and natural skincare.

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