Rinse Off Facial Wash and Scrub
A gentle facial scrub that cleanses with a mild surfactant and lipid restorer that will not strip the skin, then rinses clean away.
Stage 1: (room temperature)
40% Natural Surfactant Base
3% Lamesoft PO65
Stage 2: (room temperature)
48% Bottled Spring Water

Stage 3: (below 40°C)
7% Jojoba Exfoliating Grains
1% Preservative Eco
1% Essential Oils of your choice
100% Total
Grape Seed Oil
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  • Combine Stage 1 ingredients together and they will thicken.
  • Add Stage 2 to the Stage 1 mixture and stir thoroughly. Do not create a foam.
  • Combine the Stage 3 ingredients and then add to the body wash. Bottle and label.