Ultra Moisturising Foot Cream with PhytoGlycogen
A highly moisturising cream for dry skin and cracked heels. Apply at night and wear a pair of cosy socks while the cream soaks in.
Stage 1: (above 75°C)
10% Olive Oil
10% Emulsifying Wax (BTMS 25)
5% Black Seed Oil
5% Cocoa Butter
Stage 2: (above 75°C)
56.8% Boiling Spring Water
10% Urea Crystals
0.2% PhytoGlycogen Powder
Stage 3: (below 40°C)
1% Preservative 12
1% Calendula CO2 Extract
0.4% Myrrh Essential Oil
0.4% Frankincense Essential Oil
0.2% Lemon Essential Oil

100% Total

Grape Seed Oil
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