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Essential Oils by Aromantic UK

Essential Oils for Natural Skincare, Hair and Body Products

At Aromantic, it’s our policy to sell only high-quality natural ingredients like essential oils for use in your cosmetics, and we have several excellent products to choose from. Why not try them to enhance your personal and commercial natural skincare, hair and body care products?

Essential oils are aromatic substances extracted from plants by distillation. They are highly concentrated liquid extracts, which means a couple of drops goes a long way. Just one bottle of your chosen essential oil can be used in a range of different products at home, allowing you to experiment and get creative.

Essential oils have a long tradition of use in natural medicine, perfume, incense, skincare products and health care. Using essential oils for therapeutic purposes is known as aromatherapy (i.e. aromatherapy oils) and has been practised for thousands of years. 

Ethically Sourced

We have chosen the suppliers of our essential oils very carefully, ensuring our products are ethically sourced and of premium quality. We work in close cooperation with producers of high-quality oils from France and other European countries, as well as partner with small community and fair trade projects in Africa, India and around the world.

The essential oil industry is reliant on natural resources, which is why we carefully consider how our materials are sourced. By partnering with trusted suppliers, we ensure sustainably-derived ingredients and ethical manufacturing processes are used in all our natural, cruelty-free products. We also have a wide range of organic essential oils available.

Why Buy from Aromantic?

At Aromantic, we offer more than just essential oils in the UK — we stock an extensive range of high-quality products, from active ingredients, dried herbs and botanical extracts through to carrier oils, emulsifiers and detergents. We have everything you need to make cosmetics at home, whether you want to experiment for personal use or take the leap and start a beauty business.

As well as being a one-stop shop for all your cosmetic ingredients, we also arm our customers with useful knowledge so you get more out of our products. We love it when one of our courses helps someone begin their cosmetic journey, or when our skin care recipes are enjoyed by customers at home. Our expert team is also passionate about sharing industry knowledge to help budding entrepreneurs start their business ventures, with free resources to help them get started.

Wholesale Prices & Large Order Discounts

If you’d like to purchase a large order of essential oils or other cosmetic ingredients, you can benefit from our wholesale discount. Visit our page on wholesale pricing for further information.

Questions? Contact Aromantic Today!

If you have any questions about our products or how to use them, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team, who will be happy to help.

Please note that when we give examples of how aromatherapists may use essential oils and absolutes, these are for external use only. We do not make recommendations for individuals and suggest you contact a qualified aromatherapist for guidance.

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Our Best Sellers

Benzoin Pourable Essential Oil
Organic Bergamot Essential Oil
Organic Black Pepper Essential Oil
Camphor Essential Oil
Organic Cardamom Essential Oil
Carrot Seed Oil
Cedarwood Essential Oil
Organic Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
Organic Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil

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Tailor your skincare, bath and body products to you, using the most high-quality, natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. If you need help selecting the right product for you, simply get in touch.