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At Home Pamper Kit



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Get a luxury Spa experience at home with our Pamper Kit. Unbox a 'hug' for your skin with 7 varieties of skincare products made with our high quality natural ingredients. The At Home Pamper Kit makes the perfect gift for a beginner or someone more experienced at crafting skincare and beauty products, or just a lovely treat for yourself!

What's Inside The Pamper Kit

The Kit contains the following items:

*Products listed above may be substituted for a like for like product at our discretion

Kits make great gifts:

All of our Kits and Packs come in branded presentation boxes making them the perfect gift for a cosmetic enthusiast or just a nice treat for yourself.


Customise your kit:

Although we've included everything you'll need to make the three great recipes in this luxurious pampering kit, should you wish to swap out the Essential Oils for your own choice you may do so. Other Essential oils, Aroma Flavours and any other ingredients you may wish to include can be purchased separately. Check our recipes section for inspiration.

Luxury Spa Products At Home

You'll receive a really effective range of products that can be used to create a luxury Spa experience at home.

The products included in our Mother's Day Pamper Kit make:

  • A Cleanser
  • A Face Mask
  • A Light Moisturiser
  • A Body Scrub
  • A Body Butter, and,
  • A Massage Oil
  • A Toner

Ready-To-Use products:

  • Cleansing Lotion
  • Base Lotion
  • Organic Rose Hydrolat

Made-By-You products:

  • The Salt Scrub
  • The Body Butter
  • The Massage Oil
  • Peel Off Olive Mask

Full instructions are included in the Kit on how to make these products.

Using the Pamper Kit Products

The skincare products included in our At Home Pamper Kit can also be enjoyed over several weeks (if you'd prefer not to use them at one time) and in different combinations to suit your tastes and experience. Below is some inspiration on how to use the products and ways you may like to customise them too.

Cleansing Lotion

Apply this with your fingertips or on a damp cotton pad and work gently over your face to remove makeup and daily dirt and grime. This is a product that can be used morning and at night. Once worked in for a minute or so, simply wipe off with damp cotton pads or a damp sponge.

Base Lotion

This is our in house luxury Base Lotion that we make that can have some extra ingredients added if you wanted (refer to the website listing for details). For now though, enjoy this lovely lotion on your legs, arms and body. It is facial quality so even sensitive skin will benefit from this. If you want to add some essential oil to this Base Lotion you will need to empty the bottle into a clean bowl, stir in 10-15 drops of essential oil then pour it back into the bottle.

Organic Rose Hydrolat

This can be used neat on a cotton pad and used after the Cleansing Lotion to remove any excess dirt, or to freshen up your skin anytime throughout the day. This is a beautifully fragrant rose hydrolat that is produced during steam distillation of rose essential oil. Don’t use it all up as a toner though, because you want it for the next product.

Peel Off Olive Mask

Open the sachet and measure out 15g in to a small bowl (the sachet contains enough powder to make 2 face masks), add 45-50ml of water and mix with a teaspoon to make a paste. Use it straight away and this mask is designed to set on your face and after 15 minutes or so, it has done its job. It will have turned rubbery and if you get a fingernail under the edge of the mask, it will peel off in one piece leaving your skin toned, soft and smooth. Be sure to fold over the remaining powder and keep it firmly sealed. This face mask is quite adaptable to having other ingredients added so be sure to check the details on the website to see what else it can be used for.

Salt Scrub

Before you come to use this Salt Scrub, stir it again as some of it may have settled since you made it. Take a scoop into your hands and massage into the areas to want to exfoliate. Knees and elbows in particular benefit from this! When you are ready, simply step into the shower or bath (careful not to slip) and the paste will rinse away easily. If you are lying in a bath, the salts will dissolve to give added benefit.

Body Butter

This is so versatile and can be used in so many ways. Obviously, applied all over after your bath or shower. Even better if you have already used the Salt Scrub first to exfoliate your skin. Any other day, use it on your feet before going to bed. It can be used (use only a small amount) on your hands. It’s incredible on your legs to give a wonderful sheen to your skin. And, of course, it smells heavenly!

Massage Oil

If you have got someone at home to give you some massage - great, use this massage oil! Most of us don’t have that luxury but this is a great daily oil that can be used anywhere on your body and is safe to use on your face (Apricot Kernel Oil is excellent for sensitive skin and even baby skin). Don’t use it on your baby if you added the essential oils. Get into the habit of using this oil every day and very quickly your skin will show the benefit.