Safety Assessment & Challenge Testing

Safety Assessment & Challenge Testing

Safety Assessments - CPSRs


Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSRs)

All cosmetic products placed on the market in Europe need to have a safety assessment carried out and a Cosmetic Product Safety Report produced. Aromantic can recommend the following Safety Assessors.

Please contact them directly for more information and prices etc. but be sure to mention that you are an Aromantic customer.

Allison Wild, Oxford Biosciences Ltd
Tel: +44 (0) 18 4423 8827

Geraldine Garrs, Garrs Cosmetic Safety
Tel: +44 (0) 75 6251 5274

Colin’s Cosmetic Consultancy

Challenge Test (Preservative Efficiency Test)

Angus Malcolm - Microbiological Consultancy Services

Aromantic has negotiated with Angus Malcolm at Microbiological Consultancy Services to give Aromantic customers a special price if you choose to carry out a preservative efficacy test. Compared to other companies on the market, they offer very good value for money. The service they offer is called a Preservative Efficacy Test (the same as a challenge test).

You simply fill in a form on their website with no recipe details revealed and then send your products along to them. The challenge/efficacy test takes one month to complete.

Please contact Microbiological Services directly:

Tel: 01298 872997

Whitecross Road
SK17 8NY

Insurance Services

Insurance for your treatments & products

Insurance cover for therapists who make products

Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI) offer a comprehensive insurance policy for over 220 alternative and complementary therapies and 40 beauty treatments. If you are among those who are qualified within these 260 categories, you can be covered for products up to the value of £10,000 and up to £1,0 00,000 for Treatment Risk and Public and Product Liability. The good thing is that you don’t need to sell only to your clients; you can also sell to the public. This insurance appears to be very flexible.

Tel: 01777 70038

Sadly they closed down due to COVID related reasons.

Instead contact Wellbeing Insurance at 01252 735806 or who were their broker and may be able to help you.

Insurance cover for home crafters who are not therapists

If you are not a therapist, you can use the services of Ian W. Wallace Home Craft Insurance scheme. You can receive public and product liability insurance for up to £1million. They only insure cosmetic products and there is no upper limit for your turnover. Any treatments you undertake are not insured. The insurance is valid for the UK as well as the Republic of Ireland.

Ian W. Wallace Craft Insurance
Tel: 0800 919 359

For therapists who are members of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)

The FHT can insure you if you are a member for selling personal care products to the public.

Therapy Insurance Services (Handling FHT’s insurance)
Tel: 023 8062 1550

Insurance cover for Businesses and Therapists

Balens Insurance
Balen's has introduced a ‘Bridge Insurance’. It covers transit, contents (up to £15,000), buildings, and product liability for up to £2million.

Tel: 01684 893006