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50ml Airless Pump Dispenser


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Made of white plastic with a clear PP overcap, our airless pump dispensers provide a hygienic method of delivery for premium skincare and sensitive formulae. An excellent and stylish choice for creams, lotions, gel & lotion serums.


An opaque white, round airless pump bottle (49.2mm diameter, 94mm height) with a white airless pump and clear plastic overcap (49.2mm diameter, 37mm height).
Airless pump bottle: Diameter: 49.2mm; Height: 94mm.
Clear plastic overcap: Diameter: 49.2mm; Height: 37mm. Volume: 50ml.
Material:Polypropylene (PP)

A unique valve and piston mechanism ensures that the product is protected from air contamination once sealed; this gives a longer shelf life and the peace of mind that your formula will be delivered in the state that you intended.
Airless Dispensers offer a superior method of delivery for premium skin care and sensitive formulae and so they make an excellent and stylish choice for creams, lotions, gels, and gel and lotion serums, etc.
What other caps/closures fits this container?
Other caps are not appropriate for this container.
Products that the container is ideal for
Moisturising Creams
Cleansing Creams
Moisturising Lotions
Cleansing Lotions
Gel Serums
Luxury/upmarket product ranges
How best to fill the Airless Pump Dispenser bottle
Pour the product into the open pump bottle (fill container up to 80% full).
Press the airless pump unit onto the pump bottle by placing pressure from the top so that it clicks in all the way around.
It is now very important to prime the pump by pressing on it to pump out all of the existing air that is in the bottle.For this reason, the container does not need to be full in order to function as you exclude all the air that is above the product inside the container.


As this is an airless dispenser there is a much reduced chance of the product being contaminated by bacteria and fungi.
A unique valve and piston mechanism ensures that the product is protected from air contamination once sealed; this gives a longer shelf life and the peace of mind that your formula will be delivered in the state that you intended.
Tried and tested, the producers are confident that this airless dispenser gives an exceptional user experience and will enhance the value of your product range.
Fingers and hands do not come into contact with the product once the dispenser is sealed, avoiding contamination.
Excellent for handbags as there is no chance of spilling or leaking.
You can experiment with using a smaller amount of preservatives but remember that it is very important to challenge test your product a few months after manufacture to see if it works for you.
You can experiment with no preservative but it makes it even more important to challenge test your product.
When choosing to either reduce or leave out preservatives, I recommend that you do not use herbal infusions/decoctions or clays or homemade/household exfoliants as these are the most challenging to any preservative regime.
You can in fact add up to 15% tinctures instead of herbal infusions/decoctions and the alcohol in the tincture/s will also help in the preservation process.
If using any of these low- or no-preservative methods, it is imperative that you employ the highest hygienic standards.
The pump system in this product can pump much thicker (more viscous) creams than the usual lotion pumps less wastage - the airless system will also fully empty the container - there will be no product left on the edges when empty.


Storage and Handling
Aromantic's plastic bottles and jars are supplied to us in durable, airtight plastic packaging inside sturdy sterile carton boxes.Our staff then repack the containers if necessary, into the different quantities that we sell, packing them into sealed plastic bags.It shouldn't therefore be necessary to sterilise the plastic containers you buy from Aromantic.However, due to plastic's propensity to attracting dust, you may find some dust in the containers - just blow it out with a hairdryer.Using preservatives correctly in your products along with usual hygiene standards will make sure that your products will preserve well, without prematurely growing fungus and bacteria.