Bottle, Blue Glass (5ml) (Without lid)

Bottle, Blue Glass (5ml) (Without lid)


Average time to ship: 1 days or less

What does this mean?

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Minimum Shelf life:

Stylish mini bottle


What is it?
Tough, round blue glass bottle,and you can choose from our different tops and closures. After amber glass containers, blue glass containers are the best choice for protecting products against sunlight and light oxidation and therefore helping to prolong the shelf life of your products. The moulded glass cuts out the damage or scratching sometimes associated with sprayed glass. Blue glass is also more stylish and therefore more suitable for upmarket products.

Diameter: 22mm; Height: 48mm; Volume: 5ml.


What other caps/closures fits this container?
The whole blue glass bottle range takes a tamper evident GL18 closure,like all of our Dropper Caps,White and Black.
Silver Aliminium Lid.
Black and White Mist Spray Cap for 5,10, 30, 50 and 100ml bottles

What is it used for?
Products that the container is ideal for
Oil Serums
Vegetable Oils
Essential Oils
Travel Size Skin Toners & Spritzers
Travel size Colognes & Aftershave Sprays
In fact, all products that are easy to pour into and out of a bottle

Products that are not appropriate for the container
Viscous products that are not easily pourable

Other information
Tips on how to fill this container?
Liquid products are best filled with a spouted beaker or measuring cylinder. Another good choice is to fit a small funnel into the neck of the bottle and pour in your product that way. Normally pyrex jugs are not suitable as their spouts are not defined enough for accurate pouring.

NB Filling any of our containers to the top will mean that you have overfilled it so it is important to remember to accurately pre-measure the correct volume you intend to pour into the container. A good tip is for you to keep a pre-measured bottle with coloured water to use for comparing levels when you are filling your products.

Storage and Handling
All of our glass containers are supplied to us in sterile, airtight, durable plastic packaging. Our staff then repack the containers if necessary, into the different quantities that we sell, packing them into sealed plastic bags. When sent, they are safely wrapped in bubble wrap. It shouldn't therefore be necessary to sterilise the glass wear you buy from Aromantic. Using preservatives correctly in your products along with usual hygiene standards will make sure that your products are packaged well, without prematurely growing fungus and bacteria.