Cap, White Plastic Tamper Evident Dropper Large (2.0mm)

Cap, White Plastic Tamper Evident Dropper Large (2.0mm)



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Dropper Caps, White Tamper-evident Cap & Drip - Large Drops for 5,10,30,50 & 100ml amber/blue glass bottles

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Dropper Caps (18mm), White Tamper-evident in polypropylene ( PP) (Large size drops with 2 mm hole) for our 10, 30, 50 and 100ml amber and blue glass bottles for your home and professional products.
This is a high quality, specially engineered dropper cap with two holes in the insert.
When you tip the container up, the large hole lets the product out and the small hole lets the replacement air into the bottle.
The second, small hole is essential as it is engineered to allow you to dispense efficiently and smoothly in a controlled manner.
It is important when you are making your products to accurately control the drop size and to count the number of drops.
The hole for air is very small so that the product doesn't come through it and so regulates the dispensing.
There are many other droppers on the market of lower quality and price that don't have this double-hole system and you cannot accurately dispense with these cheaper droppers.
But be aware that the colder the product is, the higher its viscosity, so the product at room temperature is, for most products, the most convenient temperature for dispensing accurately and efficiently but other products with a higher viscosity need to be warmed up first.
To do this you could either a) put some boiling water in a shallow bowl or beaker and then place the bottle containing the product into the water for a few minutes until its pourable or b) hold the bottle containing the product in your hands until it is pourable.
Cap Diameter: 24mm; Cap Height: 22mm.
Large dropper main hole diameter size: 2 mm.
The volume of the drops depends on the viscosity of the product you are dispensing for example, Vetivert and Sandalwood Essential Oils, 10 drops dispensed from the large dropper is approximately 1ml.
But be aware that the colder the product is, the higher its viscosity, so the product at room temperature is the ideal for dispensing accurately and efficiently.
What containers is the Dropper Cap (Large Drops) compatible with?
All of our Amber Glass Bottles - 10, 30, 50, 100ml
All of our Blue Glass Bottles - 5, 10, 30, 50, 100ml 50ml
Amber Plastic Bottle


Products that the Dropper Cap (Large Drops) is ideal for
Dispensing higher viscosity (thicker) liquid product such as certain essential oils e.g. sandalwood ,vegetable oils and active ingredients
Products that are not appropriate for this Dropper Cap (Large Drops)
Even thicker and more viscous liquid products.
Storage and Handling
It is very important to store these Dropper Caps in clean, dust-free conditions and be careful to handle them hygienically.