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Creams Combo Kit



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Learn the basics of making creams with our Creams Combo Kit where you learn to make 3 different creams with simple and easy to use recipes!


This kit contains the ingredients and instructions to make 3 different types of creams: a cream for normal skin, a cream for dry skin and a cream for oily skin. There are enough raw materials to make 100g of each type of cream.

This kit shows you how you can make a cream tailored to your skin with just a few ingredients.

Customise your kit:
Your kit does NOT contain any essential oils or fragrances.
If you wish to include fragrances or essential oils in your cream then you will need to purchase these separately.

This kit is ideal for those just starting out and wanting to learn how to make a simple skin care cream.

Perfect if you want to experiment making different types of natural skin care products without having to spend fortunes on lots of different ingredients.

Your kit comes in a bag with the ingredients and instructions.


Cream Combo Kit contains:

  • 50ml Apricot Kernel Oil
  • 30ml Glycerine
  • 25g VE Emulsifier
  • 20g MF Emulsifier
  • 20ml Thistle Oil
  • 10g Cetearyl Alcohol
  • 10g Cocoa Butter
  • 10ml Organic Evening Primrose CO2 Extract
  • 10ml Organic Hazelnut Oil
  • 10ml Vitamin E
  • 10ml Preservative 12
  • 12 x 30ml clear plastic jars
  • 1 x Thermometer
  • Recipe brochure with instructions

Equipment you will need:

  • 1x Double boiler (bain-marie)*
  • Stainless steel bowls
  • Digital weighing scales accurate to 0.01g
  • Glass beakers or similar (various sizes)
  • Spatula
  • Flat whisk
  • Stainless Steel Teaspoons
  • Bottled spring water or distilled water
*How to improvise a double boiler:
Place a heavy, heat-proof bowl or jug - Pyrex is ideal - into saucepan with boiling water.