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Inci:Amorphophallus Konjac Root Extract

A polysaccharide made out of the tuber of Amorphophallus Konjac that creates a see-through gel that has a very soft and pleasant skin feeling.


Konjac Glucomannan Gel Powder is a polysaccharide made out of the tuber of Amorphophallus Konjac.
The plant belongs to the family of Araceae which grows in South-East-Africa and Asia.
In China the plant is known as “Ju Ruo” and in Japan as “Konyaku”.
The Konjac plant blossoms in mountain and hilly landscape (approximately 800 m above sea level) of subtropical regions with temperatures above 16 °C.
It grows for example in the rainforest in Indonesia, in monsoon areas in Southwest China and also in Japan.
The reason that we chose to include this type of natural thickener is because it creates a see-through gel that gives a very soft and pleasant feeling to the skin.
In fact it stabilises and feels like polymers that we couldn’t create before now with natural polysaccharides.
The gel becomes homogenous, transparent and odourless.
You can use the same method as for making products with xanthan gum.
However, the Konjac Glucomannan Gel Powder doesn’t form lumps as easily as the xanthan gum does.
Internal laboratory tests have shown synergistic effects of Konjac Glucomannan Gel Powder in combination with other biopolymers.
Tests combining, for example, 95 % of Konjac Glucomannan Gel Powder with 5 % of Xanthan Gum with a total polysaccharide concentration of 1% in solution.
This yields a very strong gel structure. Konjac Glucomannan Gel Powder combined with Carrageen, gives a thermo-reversible gel.
Konjac Glucomannan Gel Powder is dispersed at the best with a minimum of 2% glycerine in the blend to avoid the formation of hydro colloidal lumps.
Konjac Glucomannan Gel Powder is precipitated by ethanol with concentrations above 10 %.
Konjac Glucomannan Gel Powder has shown excellent stability in combination with the self tanning agent Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) at pH values 2–4 and with alpha-Hydroxyacids (AHA) after 3 months of storage.


What products to use it in?
Ideal as a thickener in all kinds of gels e.g. aloe vera gels, eye gels, gel serums, healing gels.
As a help emulsifier in creams, lotions and facial masks.
Recommended dosage and how to use in products
Dosage: 0.5 gives same consistency of approx.
1% xanthan gum recipe; 1% Konjac Glucomannan Gel Powder makes a thick gel.
When using boiling water it thickens more & faster than if using cold water.
As a help emulsifier in creams, lotions and facial masks, dosage: 0.05 -0.5%.
Water or oil-soluble?
Storage & Shelf life
In closed containers the shelf life is 2 years.
Konjac Glucomannan Gel Powder should be stored in a dry & dark place at temperatures below 25°C.
Method for using Konjac Glucomannan Gel Powder
Measure the liquid (water) into a bowl.
Measure the Konjac Glucomannan Gel Powder in a dry beaker on a scale.
Sprinkle the powder over the liquid, all the while whisking it in to the liquid.
Whisk for 3-4 minutes until it becomes thickened.
Add other raw materials. Pour into jars/bottles.


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