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Minimum Shelf life:

A simple test tube to challenge test your products - testing can be done by people without microbiological training or special laboratory testing.


Easy to use - without any preparation time, the slide can be used to test surfaces, semi-solid materials and liquids.
Quick and convenient - always handy and reliable to use – even at last minute, e.g. when testing needs to be carried out during night shift.No special laboratory equipment is necessary
Economical - the previous time-consuming laboratory work for preparing nutrient media, producing dilution series and counting colonies is eliminated In addition, the considerable costs of external laboratory are saved.
Accurate and reliable - the strict standards to which mikrocount® combi is produced guarantee a product of consistent excellent quality.
Detection of bacteria and moulds - with mikrocount® combi, bacteria, yeasts and moulds can be separately detected with a single dip-slide.
Simple to use - sampling and evaluation can be carried out even by personnel who have no training in microbiology
Safe - incubated samples are evaluated in sealed tubes which risks of contamination are avoided.
PLEASE NOTE - The dip slides on our Mikrocount Combi are not vegetarian but contain meat extract.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause however this is apparently standard in the industry.We are still hoping to source an alternative to this product. We have not changed our vegetarian policy.
Mikrocount Combi Test KitPreservative Challenge Testing or PETCosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)


Every Mickocount Combi sent out will be accompanied by a colour brochure with full instructions and colour illustrations to help you determine the total bacterial, yeast and fungi counts.
The brochure is in English, Polish, Dutch, German, French and Spanish.
Be aware that the Mikrocount® Combi tube comes to us with a maximum shelf life of 4-5 months.
The expiration date is marked on the tube.
The tubes should be stored unopened at room temperature (about + 20 °C) and protected from draught and light.
The slides must not be allowed to freeze.