Nourishing Green Clay Face Mask Gift Pack

Nourishing Green Clay Face Mask Gift Pack



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A deep cleansing clay mask free from preservatives, artificial fragrances, and colours!

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This gift pack includes:
100ml Organic Rose Water (Rosa X damascene), 70g Green Clay - Fine - (Green Clay), 30ml Plastic Measuring Beaker, 2ml Plastic Measuring Spoon, Wooden Spatula and Colour Instruction Leaflet.
Benefits of Green Clay
Helps maintain the skin’s elasticity
Facilitates in toning the skin
Assists in removing dead skin cells and helps minimise the appearance of pores
High absorptive properties help draw out toxins and impurities
Encourages softening of the skin
Benefits of Rose Water
Adds and helps retain moisture leading to the skin feeling and looking smoother
The scent is a powerful mood enhancer that promotes emotional well being
Soothes the skin and helps reduce redness
Cleanses, purifies and tones the skin
The benefits of this Clay mask can be further enhanced with:
The use of essential oils and carrier oils
Have a look at the range of oils on our website to find out which ones would be best for various skin types


Give someone the chance to have fun with making their own face mask!
Clay face masks are easy and quick to make yet fantastic at perking up your skin to help retrieve its natural glow.
We recommend the Green Clay Face Mask Gift Pack for normal and oily skin types.
This gift pack contains all the ingredients and equipment (that one might not already have at home) for making 4-7 natural and preservative free face mask applications.
A step by step instruction leaflet with pictures is included so even a complete beginner can have a go.