How to work with Percentages

How to work with Percentages

How do percentage % recipes work?

You'll almost always see Aromantic's recipes expressed with percentages as opposed to ml or grams. This is because we feel it's the easiest and most precise way to write a recipe that works for any quantity, whether you're making 100ml or 25kg of a product! But how do you calculate it?

It's quite simple really - it's all about weight. A set of precise weighing scales is essential for this, especially when dealing with smaller quantities.

If you're making 100g/ml of a product, 1% = 1g/ml
If you're making 1kg/l of a product, 1% = 10g/ml
If you're making 5kg/l of a product, 1% = 50g/ml
If you're making 10kg/l of a product, 1% = 100g/ml
If you're making 25kg/l of a product, 1% = 250g

In both instances above, the final product will be identical. At Aromantic, whenever we make products, whether they be for resale, on our courses, or in-house to test out recipes, we always weigh every single ingredient - including water - as it allows for the most accuracy.

Working in percentages is important when it comes to sensitive ingredients such as preservatives or essential oils. In some instances, you shouldn't use more than X amount of an ingredient in a final product - this amount will be a percentage of the total ingredients, so working in percentages means that you'll never accidentally use too much or too little of a product.

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Jean Vaughan
Jean Vaughan

February 07, 2020

This page is brilliant because I was not sure about all of your measurements previously – great help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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