Is your product too think or runny?

Is your product too think or runny?

So you have made a product but you don't like the consistency or it simply doesn't work with that consistency? You have come to the right place.

My cream is too thick or too runny - what can I do?

You can add a little less water or a little more depending on whether your cream is too thick or too runny. If you want to make a lighter cream you can try blending it with an electric mixer but be careful not to introduce air bubbles to your cream. You could also add some Aloe Vera Gel to your cream, which makes it fluffy and has a very nice feeling on the skin. Sprinkling up to 0.5% Xanthan Gum over the cream and using a hand blender to mix it in, will make it thicker.

My gel is too thick or too runny - how can I put it right?

Again you can add more water to your gel if your gel is too thick. If it is too runny then add some more Xanthan Gum but do it little by little until you get the desired consistency because if you add too much at once you risk making it too thick.

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