4 Things To Consider When Making Skincare For Men

4 Things To Consider When Making Skincare For Men

4 Things To Consider When Making Skincare For Men

It is often mistakenly thought that natural skin care is more of a woman’s domain when in reality both men and women can benefit immensely from using organic, natural skin care products. We know that every person’s skin is unique, however from a structural point of view, we can note some noticeable differences between men and women’s skin including thickness, collagen density, texture, as well as the effects of day-to-day shaving.

Men’s skin is thicker

The thickness of the skin varies with the location, age and sex of the individual. Additionally, male hormones cause an increase in skin thickness. Generally, a man’s skin is about 20 percent thicker than that of a woman’s. Although men’s wrinkles appear later in life, they will appear deeper because of this.
  • Generally, men’s skin is thick enough for daily exfoliants, but as always, listen to your skin! If there is noticable irritation and redness, skip the abrasive exfoliants in favour of gentler peeling agents such as Papaya Glycerol Extract.
  • In men’s products, look for powerful anti-aging actives such as Lupine Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, as well as Co-Enzyme Q10, Eco Marine Algae Extract and Algaktiv Zen.
  • Consider adding an Activated Charcoal mask to your routine. Activated charcoal is perfect for men’s thicker skin as it will help exfoliate and clear the skin of dirt or dead skin. It will also cleanse your pores. 

Men's skin tends to be oilier

The sebaceous glands, which are responsible for sebum production, are generally larger, more numerous and active in men than in women. This has several consequences:
  • Light moisturising lotions as opposed to thicker, heavier creams are generally best suited to most men’s skin.
  • Some men may benefit from regular face masks to help control oily skin, such as a Green Clay mask.
  • Oils high in alpha-linoleic acid such as Rosehip Oil, Chia Seed Oil, nourish oily skin without making it oilier. Oils such as Thistle Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil, and Hemp Seed Oil help to reduce large pore size. Oils like Hazelnut and Squalane are best suited to rebalance acne-prone and oily skin.
  • Some men may find that products containing Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter are too rich for their skin – EcoSilk MB can help these ingredients feel lighter.

How men's skins shows
signs of aging

Male skin has a higher collagen density than female skin. Classic signs of aging such as the appearance of fine like and wrinkles, as well as loss of skin tightness and firmness, are closely related to the collagen present in the skin. Men slowly lose collagen as they age, but because of the higher initial levels, it has been said that men appear to age slower than women.
Men are, however, far less likely to protect themselves from sun damage (only 51% of men protect themselves from the sun according to a study by the Skin Cancer Foundation).The effects of photo-aging can appear to add years to a man’s skin, regardless of the higher collagen content.
  • Men should protect themselves from sun damage to keep skin looking young – consider using a daily moisturiser containing Microfine Titanium Dioxide to protect against the sun’s rays.
  • Men shouldn’t feel like they won’t benefit from using collagen-boosting products! Active ingredients such as Collagen Boost and Bronze and Pseudo Collagen can help improve skin’s elasticity, resilience and youthfulness as the skin ages.

How men shave has a direct consequence on how their skin feels

For men that shave every day, their skin is aggravated on a regular basis. This is why it’s important for all men that shave to use appropriate shaving products. What products a man chooses to use on his skin before, during and after shaving can have as much of an impact as the choice of the razor when it comes to the skin’s everyday comfort.
For men with facial hair, using a blended oil or Conditioning Styling Wax can help nourish the hair and the skin underneath whilst keeping beards and moustaches perfectly groomed.
There are ways to make shaving more comfortable and less aggressive on the skin:
  • Using a mild exfoliator such as Jojoba Exfoliating Grains before shaving can help prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Using a shaving cream with a shaving brush will help lift the facial hairs making shaving easier.
  • Alternatively, a shaving oil will help the razor glide smoothly whilst protecting and moisturising the skin. This can also work well with electric shavers.
  • Using a good quality, sharp blade will help prevent discomfort, nicks and cuts during shaving.
  • A Soothing After-Shave Lotion will help prevent the redness and irritation that accompanies shaving.
  • Men should also look for anti-inflammatory ingredients in their skin care products such as Aloe Vera, Bisabolol or Chamomile to help soothe irritation.

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December 10, 2020

Skincare is an important concern for men. Aromatic is a great place to find skincare advice, so is Allvendi.

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