Cupuaçu Butter Baby Balm For Sensitive Skin

A simple soothing and moisturising balm suitable for anyone, of any age, with very sensitive skin. Especially nice for baby’s.


Stage 1: (above 75°C)

62.5% Rice Bran oil

25% Cupuaçu Butter

10% Beeswax


Stage 2: (below 40°C)

2% Rice Bran CO2 Extract

0.5% Essential Oil of your choice (baby safe) (We used Lavender)

100% Total

Grape Seed Oil
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● Combine all Stage 1 ingredients and heat together in a double boiler (bain marie) until melted.

● Take off the heat and keep stirring. Once it has started to go opaque and very gloopy, add the Stage 2 ingredients. Stir thoroughly, jar and label.