Olive Oil Cleansing Balm

image of bottles of olive oil cleansing balm

A cleansing balm that even works on waterproof make-up.

Stage 1: (heat until melted)
26% Olive Oil
18% Meadowfoam Seed Oil
14% Beeswax
10% Castor Oil
10% Jojoba Oil

Stage 2: (below 40°C)
20% EcoSilk MB
1% Vitamin E
1% Essential Oils of your choice
100% Total
Grape Seed Oil
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  • Heat the Stage 1 (fat stage) ingredients in a double boiler until just melted and then take off the heat.
  • Allow to cool down while stirring with a silicon spatula.
  • When the temperature is below 40°C add the Stage 2 ingredients. You need to work quickly to get everything combined together. Using a spatula to mix adds a little bit of heat friction to keep the mix softer and easier to blend.
  • Jar and label.
  • To use, take some from the pot, warm between your fingertips and work into the face. This will remove even waterproof mascara. The secret is to take time to work the product in well so that all the grease and grime can dissolve. Then take a soft cloth (microfibre or muslin are both good) and gently wipe off. Do not scrub hard or drag the skin, gently wipe until all traces are removed.

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