Saccharide Isomerate Plus


What does this mean?

INCI: Saccharide Isomerate, Aqua, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate.

Short Description:

Saccharide Isomerate Plus is a natural deeply intensive moisturiser that has an instant effect along with a gradual longer term result. Suitable for use in both leave on and rinse off skin and hair products. It is also effective when used with 70% strength Ethanol Alcohol in hand sanitisers.


A clear to slightly yellow to amber coloured, viscous liquid made from plant derived glucose and fructose whereby the atoms are so arranged as to be identical to the carbohydrate complex (NMF) found in human skin. This means that it binds with the natural skin complex enabling deep and lasting hydration.
There are many humectants available that pull moisture to them but Saccharide Isomerate Plus is the first product we have that pulls moisture from the atmosphere and product rather than the skin, therefore ensuring deeper hydration. The carbohydrate complex that makes up Saccharide Isomerate Plus binds to the keratin layer (skin and hair) and transfers the property of restoring water to the keratin so that binding property can no longer be washed out. When this product is used on a regular basis, a cumulative effect exists that is only removed by exfoliation or natural shedding of the skin cells. This way, you not only get an immediate effect but a long lasting and substantial effect.
Central heating, frequent washing, swimming & sunbathing can all dehydrate the skin leading to itchy and tight feeling skin conditions. Saccharide Isomerate Plus is very desirable in a wide range of products as it helps to counteract these conditions.
It is 100% natural and plant derived.
Saccharide Isomerate Plus does not contain preservatives so you should take care not to contaminate it.
As a replacement for NFF
If you have a favourite recipe that used NFF (now discontinued), you can use Saccharide Isomerate Plus in exactly the same amount as you used the NFF, in the same stage of your recipe.
You should, however, still do a small sample batch first to confirm it works as you expect. If your products are for retail sale, your safety assessors will also need to be notified.
Cosmetic Functions:
The individual materials that make up Saccharide Isomerate Plus are listed on the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (Cosing) here.


Skin Care

Saccharide Isomerate Plus boosts the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) of the skin.

In creams, lotions, gels and serums, it leaves the skin feeling soothed, hydrated and cared for, alleviating feelings of dryness, taut skin, itching and flaking. This is beneficial for all skin types but especially in products for dry skin, sensitive skin, mature skin and anti aging creams, lotions and serums.

In cleansers and treatment masks, it has a unique skin identical carbohydrate structure that allows it to bind with the skin so that even when the product has been rinsed off, the effects of Saccharide Isomerate Plus are still working in the skin keeping it hydrated, soothed and more resilient.

Reduces the potential for irritation in AHA peeling gels and face masks.

Excellent to use in hand creams for nurses and hairdressers who use soaps and detergents frequently.

Highly effective in foot creams as it binds to the hard skin to hydrate it.

Hair Care

It has a unique skin identical carbohydrate structure that allows it to bind with the scalp, even when the product has been rinsed off such as in a conditioner or treatment pack.


Use 0.2% to 5%.

For skincare products, use 1% to 5%.

In a body wash, we suggest using 1% as it is a rinse off product. As little as 0.2%-0.5% can boost the foaming action of a body wash.

For hair care products, use 1% in a shampoo and 1% in conditioners and treatment packs as they are both rinse off products.

Use 1% in an alcohol based hand sanitiser with 70% strength Ethanol Alcohol. (Do not use more than 80% Ethanol Alcohol in your formula as this will destabilise the Saccharide Isomerate Plus).

Water soluble so cannot be used in oil only products.

Heat stable up to 60°C so we recommend adding it in Stage 3 (cool down stage) when making creams and lotions.

It is stable in a finished product pH range of 3 to 6.5.

As this product contains no preservative, it is prone to contamination if handled carelessly. Store it in the ‘fridge if you can and never leave the bottle open whilst you are working.

Suggested Blends

Adds an extremely elegant skin feel along with intense hydration in all creams and lotions.

Excellent to use in body washes to build up natural hydration of the skin.




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12 April 2022
United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Happy customer

Excellent replacement for NFF moisturiser and healthier!

15 September 2021
Affiong U.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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I used this to mix a foot cream for a client suffering dry feet. I must say, it works better than expected. I combined it with Olus Oil and Shea & Bacuri Butter amongst other ingredients. Keep feet very soft and supple.

A Aromantic UK Customer
28 July 2021
Louisa P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Happy customer


30 September 2020
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Great service and products

I've always appreciated the product quality and I was not disappointed this time. I'll definitely recommend.

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