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Glycerol Extracts

Glycerol extracts are perfect for adding super-moisturising properties to your DIY beauty products. A proprietary process is used to extract the plant or fruit into the glycerine. This method extracts most of the water and fat-soluble ingredients. The result is a combination of a moisturising effect on the skin as well as the benefit of the herbal and fruit properties.

As glycerine is water-soluble, it's convenient for use in water-based products. You can use glycerol extracts for making cosmetics and skincare products such as shampoos, liquid soaps, deodorants, creams and lotions, gels, face masks, hair packs and toothpaste.

Vegetable glycerine is an excellent humectant that will keep your skin hydrated. Great for anyone with dry skin or skin issues. Glycerol extracts have several benefits, including moisturising properties and promoting general skin health.

How to Use Glycerol Extracts

Glycerine is water-soluble, so are perfect for water-based products such as creams, lotions, toners, shampoos, liquid soaps, face masks, deodorants and toothpaste (Glycerol extracts should not be used for oil products).

Glycerol extracts are heat tolerant, so they should be added at stage 2 (water stage) and heated to 72°C or above. Use at a dosage of 3-6% (3% contains 2% glycerine and 6% contains 4% glycerine).

For more information on how to use glycerol extracts, check out our 'Guide to Glycerol Extracts'. These are natural products and so there may be some changes in colouration, cloudiness or sediment. You can find more information about glycerol on the European Chemicals Agency website.

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