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Organic Carrier Oils

Our wide range of organic carrier oils is perfect for combining with your favourite essential oils to create your own custom skin and hair products. 

Like all carrier oils, organic carrier oils help to dilute potent essential oils. Without the addition of carrier oils, essential oils can cause adverse effects — especially for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Organic carrier oils also have incredible benefits themselves and can be used on their own. When buying carrier oils wholesale or for individual use at Aromantic, you will find a comprehensive list of the features and benefits of each oil. 

Different organic carrier oils are also suitable for different applications. One oil may be perfect for massage and another for face serums. Before buying an organic carrier oil, consider the purpose of the cosmetic products you are creating and match that purpose with the right oil. 

To learn more about carrier oils, check out our eBook about their uses and benefits. 

Our organic carrier oils are carefully selected and sourced from around the world. On each product listing you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of the features and potential uses for every oil. To discover the benefits of each, simply click the product for details of its specific properties.

How to Use Organic Carrier Oil

In our range of organic carrier oils, you will discover a wide selection of oils derived from various plants, including argan, baobab, chia, grapeseed, jojoba and many more. 

Carrier oils are useful for creating custom skin and hair-oil beauty products, whether you are making them for personal use or buying carrier oils wholesale to start your own business. Start by choosing your favourite essential oils, and use one or more of the organic carrier oils to dilute them before applying them to your skin. 

In need of some inspiration for your custom oils? Check out the recipes below that make use of our high-quality organic carrier oils. Try the super hydrating face oil or relaxing body oil for an easy recipe with luxurious results.

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