Organic Lavandin Essential Oil


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Inci:Lavandula Hybrida Herb Oil

A sharper and more potent fragrance than true Lavender.


A pale yellow to yellow mobile oil obtained by steam distillation of the flowering tops of the Lavandin hybrid.
According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (CosIng), the functions of Lavandin Super Essential Oil are: Perfuming.
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Skin Care
Include it in creams, lotions and gels, including thosde for acne prone skin.
Extremely relaxing, so is a good choice for night creams.
Use it in bath bombs and bath melts as it is very relaxing and gives off a lot of fragrance.
Hair Care
A sharper fragrance than true Lavender so it shows through stronger in a shampoo.
Works well in a massage blend.Chemically speaking, Lavandin Super is the Lavandin closest to true Lavender oil.
It is a soothing, and relaxing oil when used in small amounts and often found to be more of a relaxant than true Lavender.
Suggested Blends
Blend with Geranium and Rosemary for an herbal fragrance in a shampoo.Combine with Plai for an after sports massage product.